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Transcendence Haiku

Mar. 13 | Go beyond space and timeby doing whattranscends your self.

Nothing Haiku

Mar. 6 | There is nothing to lose if you cling to nothing.

Threefold Learning’s Haiku 三学俳句

Feb. 27 | Be good with preceptsBe calm with concentrationBe clear with wisdom

Direction Haiku

Feb. 20 | If there is a clear direction,there should beno confusing distractions.

Endurance Haiku

Feb. 13 | Whining makes enduring harder.

Learning Haiku

Feb. 6 | Learn to break free; not just to learn.

Openness Haiku

Jan. 29 | Open your heart, and focus your mind to learn and ask.

Birthday Haiku

Jan. 2 | It is a happy birthday only if you were born happy, to bring happiness to others.

Wisdom & Kindness Haikus

Nov. 14 | The wise learn what they should, to help themselves. The kind share what they can to help others.

Best Haiku

Sep. 26 | Do (what is right) (with) your (thought, word and deed) best (you can).

Battle Haiku

Sep. 12 | As life is precious and short,choose your battles well —those against your ‘self’.

Buddha Haiku

Aug. 30 | If what mindful of, you will become —be mindful of Buddha then.

Ego Haiku

Aug. 8 | Ego is our true enemy, for both ourselves and our false ‘enemies’.

Freedom Haiku

Jul. 26 | Freedom is fromgreed, hatred and delusion,not to be greedy, hateful and deluded.

Mind Haiku

Jul. 11 | Mind your mind more as it matters more than your matter.
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