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Best Haiku

Sep. 26 | Do (what is right)(with) your (thought, word and deed)best (you can).

Battle Haiku

Sep. 12 | As life is precious and short,choose your battles well —those against your ‘self’.

Buddha Haiku

Aug. 30 | If what mindful of, you will become —be mindful of Buddha then.

Ego Haiku

Aug. 8 | Ego is our true enemy, for both ourselves and our false ‘enemies’.

Freedom Haiku

Jul. 26 | Freedom is fromgreed, hatred and delusion,not to be greedy, hateful and deluded.

Mind Haiku

Jul. 11 | Mind your mind more as it matters more than your matter.

Fall Haiku

Jun. 20 | Always be mindful as all it takes is a slip to fall badly.

Refuge Haiku

Apr. 24 | The path to enlightenment begins with taking refuge and ends by becoming refuge.

Brace Haiku

Apr. 17 | Unenlightened life is suffering — brace yourself for it, or become enlightened.

Anxiety Haiku

Apr. 10 | There are noanxious situations;just anxious people.

Meaning Haiku

Mar. 28 | Think the meaningful, to speak the meaningful and do the meaningful.

Anger Haiku

Mar. 21 | An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes. — Cato the Elder

Time Haiku

Mar. 14 | I wasted time,and nowdoth time waste me. — Richard II (in prison)William Shakespeare

First Haikus

Feb. 29 | You might be young now,but you will be old later —if you do not die first. You might be healthy now,but you will be sick later —if you do not die first. You might be alive now,but you will be dead later — if you do not die first.  ...

Productivity Haiku

Feb. 15 | Be productive,or you might be destructiveor just stagnate.
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