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Space Haiku

Feb. 20 | What left or right? What below or above? Space.

Horizon Haiku

Feb. 12 | Line of no line – horizon Form of no form – wave There but not there – Middle Path

Nature Haiku

Jan. 29 | See nature as it is and see its truths as you are too

Time Haiku

Jan. 23 | Those running out of time are usually those who thought they still had lots of time.

Snow Haiku

Jan. 16 | The snow of yesterday That fell like cherry blossoms Is water once again – Gozan

Flower Haiku

Jan. 8 | Lose your un-flower mind Paul Reps Zen Telegrams

Birthday Haiku

Jan. 1 | Are birthday celebrations not annual glorifications of the non-existent ego?

Appreciation Haiku

Dec. 26 | When you can appreciate everything you can learn something from anything, even the so-called ‘bad’ things.

Diligence Haiku

Dec. 19 | All the time in the world due to (endless) rebirth(s)? Ever less time in this life due to (impending) death! How many more times do you wish to assume you have enough time? May all be diligent to learn and practise the Dharma… in time.

Speaking Haiku

Dec. 12 | I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid. – Cato

Delusion Haiku

Dec. 4 | Greed for this is with hate of that, from delusion about both.

Wellness Haiku

Nov. 27 | Prepare well. Do well. Reflect well.

Focus Haiku

Nov. 19 | With life able to end any day, you are always already too old to waste your time on nonsense.

Mindfulness Haiku

Nov. 8 | Mind your mind always, as it is there always, yet changing always.

Work Haiku

Nov. 1 | Your real work is to use your worldly work to support your spiritual work of learning, practising and sharing the Dharma.
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