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Delusion Haiku

Aug. 17 | Believing you can get away, you are already trapped, by your delusions.

Material Haiku

Aug. 3 | Everything you experience is ‘material’ for reshaping your mind.

TV Haikus

Jul. 27 | Even a TV only occasionally faulty is still a faulty TV. Only a TV never ever faulty is then a perfect TV.

Fleeting Haiku

Jul. 20 | Seek the lasting without distraction from the fleeting.

Eclipse Haiku

Jul. 13 | Even the small moon reflecting the big sun can eclipse it totally.

Generosity Haiku

Jul. 6 | Be more frugal with yourself, so as to be more generous for others.

Test Haiku

Jun. 29 | What tests you is also what teaches you.

Organisation Haiku

Jun. 22 | To minimise is to organise before you organise.

Starter Haiku

Jun. 15 | Stop hoping and start fulfilling.

Departure Haiku

Jun. 8 | Since all have to depart, how you depart matters more than departure itself.

Wellness Haiku

Jun. 1 | Worldly ‘wellness’ now is but a brief period before sickness or death returns. Spiritual wellness lasts for all time, ending all cyclical suffering.

Consideration Haiku

May. 16 | Consider the critic,* Consider the criticism,* Consider the criticised.* *for credibility and truthfulness

Morality Haiku

May. 8 | Morality is doing what should be done, not what should not be done.

Water Haiku

May. 3 | Water with little poison is no longer water, but poison too.

Zombie Haiku

Apr. 26 | Zombies particularly terrify because they seem human, yet relentlessly greedy, hateful and deluded. (Be not the undead or unalive.)
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