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Repentance Haiku

Jun. 6 | If the truly wrong, do not truly repent, they are truly wrong indeed. Share This:

Wisdom Haiku

May. 24 | The intelligent might understand much, while the wise realise the essential and follow through with action. Share This:

Refuge Haiku

May. 15 | Find your refuge. Take your refuge. Be your refuge. Share This:

Dharma Haiku

May. 4 | The true Dharma will never ever let you down. Share This:

Refuge Haiku

Apr. 25 | Even if everything is renounced, never forsake the Dharma. Share This:

Blame Haiku

Apr. 19 | The Buddha too got wrongly blamed, what more us? Related Article: Fable Of The Father, Son & Donkey Share This:

Learning Haiku

Apr. 13 | It is never too early or too late to learn the Dharma. Share This:

True Haiku

Apr. 7 | Those truly true to themselves, will be truly true to all. Share This:

Complex Haiku

Mar. 28 | Nothing is more complex than simplification. Share This:

Foolish Haiku

Mar. 19 | The foolish imagine the certainty of the wise to be foolish. Share This:

Ego Haiku

Mar. 8 | Only keep dissolving; never hardening the ‘solid’ illusion of ego. Share This:

Significance Haiku

Mar. 2 | Make a significant point or even a few major points, or this life would be pointless. Share This:

Better Haiku

Feb. 21 | Just do your best now, till you can do better – later. Share This:

Challenge Haiku

Feb. 11 | The challenge is to make it* in time. * Whatever ‘it’ is,  especially liberation! Share This:

Time Haiku

Jan. 24 | True living is about finding time to do what you should. Share This:
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