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Judge Haiku

Apr. 18 | To carelessly judge is to not care about reality.

Chaos Haiku

Apr. 10 | The challenge is to see potential order in utter chaos.

Suffering Haiku

Apr. 3 | May you have enough suffering to urge you to transcend all suffering.

People Haiku

Mar. 27 | People are people, but they are also potential Buddhas.

Acceptance Haiku

Mar. 20 | Only with acceptance of the way things are, can we change them.

Will Haiku

Mar. 14 | Where is the good?…  Where is the evil?  In the will.   – Epictetus 

Right Haiku

Mar. 6 | Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter…  – Marcus Aurelius (Meditations) Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored. Dying… or busy with other assignments.

Death Haiku

Feb. 27 | You may reject death for all your life, but death will never reject you – unless you transcend before it comes.

Space Haiku

Feb. 20 | What left or right? What below or above? Space.

Horizon Haiku

Feb. 12 | Line of no line – horizon Form of no form – wave There but not there – Middle Path

Nature Haiku

Jan. 29 | See nature as it is and see its truths as you are too

Time Haiku

Jan. 23 | Those running out of time are usually those who thought they still had lots of time.

Snow Haiku

Jan. 16 | The snow of yesterday That fell like cherry blossoms Is water once again – Gozan

Flower Haiku

Jan. 8 | Lose your un-flower mind Paul Reps Zen Telegrams

Birthday Haiku

Jan. 1 | Are birthday celebrations not annual glorifications of the non-existent ego?
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