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First Haikus

Feb. 29 | You might be young now,but you will be old later —if you do not die first. You might be healthy now,but you will be sick later —if you do not die first. You might be alive now,but you will be dead later — if you do not die first.  ...

Productivity Haiku

Feb. 15 | Be productive,or you might be destructiveor just stagnate.

Bitter Haiku

Feb. 8 | Life is already too bitterto be even more bitterabout others’ bitterness.

Anxiety Haiku

Feb. 1 | Aware of the worst possibility,never be anxious if it becomes reality.

Karma Haiku

Jan. 25 | Preaching about karma without practising accordingly creates worse karma.* * By being a negative example instead of an expected good one.

Focus Haiku

Jan. 18 | Begin focusing now on what you have to at the end.

Madness Haiku

Jan. 11 | Who is totally mad, if mostly still able to cross streets well?

Day Haiku

Jan. 4 | Your re/birthday marks another year to your re/deathday.

Respite Haiku

Dec. 28 | Wellness is ever shorter respitebefore ever longer sickness,before ending in (re)death.(Swiftly live life well now then.)  

Poison Haiku

Dec. 21 | As what truly harmful are the Three Poisons,* do not poison.** As what truly harmful are the Three Poisons, do not be poisoned.*** * of greed, hatred and delusion ** to harm others *** to harm oneself 

Honour Haiku

Dec. 14 | The truly honourable are so,even when facing the truly dishonourable.

Sanity Haiku

Dec. 7 | Use your moments with limited sanity to increase your sanity. (For how else can you do so?)

Craziness Haiku

Nov. 30 | The truly crazy one is the one who does not want to be uncrazy.

Will Haiku

Nov. 16 | Your willingness to  say and do what you will will make you culpable.

Clarity Haiku

Nov. 9 | If you assume there is no need to clarify at all, you might already be confused.
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