I Don’t Wanna Be A Bodhisattva Or Buddha

Confession: I do not find it necessary to walk the Bodhisattva path to help others, as there are already countless Buddhas around. It does not make a difference if there is one less. Attaining self-liberation as an Arhat is enough for me. I do not see the need to cultivate compassion, or to give rise to the Bodhicitta (Bodhi mind). Anyway, nobody cares about me.

Resolution (suggested): It is understandably challenging to give rise to Bodhicitta, as it is the noblest spiritual aspiration possible – as the wish to guide oneself and all other sentient beings to the complete liberation and full enlightenment of Buddhahood. However, this aspiration can be nurtured with more sincere Dharma learning and practice.

For instance, even if not yet powered by Bodhicitta, with adequate Pure Land practice, after reaching Amituofo’s (Amitabha Buddha) Pure Land, which has supreme spiritually supportive conditions, Bodhicitta will naturally blossom fully there. This is while it is difficult for Bodhicitta to blossom fully here in our world, without repetitive backsliding from life to life, and even within this one life.

The true reason you find it not necessary to walk the Bodhisattva path to help others, is not because there are already countless Buddhas around. It is because you have not directly encountered enough suffering in your midst yet, to awaken to natural compassion within your Buddha-nature (which is the potential to be a Buddha), to want to offer help. Anyone’s effort to help anyone matters to the one helped.

Even though there are countless manifestations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas doing their best to help all, not everyone karmically deserves to be helped by them. However, they might be able to be helped by others, which includes you. The fact that they can be helped by you is proof that they karmically deserve your help, while your helping also helps you to progress on the Bodhisattva path to Buddhahood.

Compassion arises via empathy, which is within our Buddha-nature. Just as we would not wish anyone, a human, Bodhisattva or Buddha to turn away from us in times of need, we should not turn away from others in their times of need too. If no one gave rose to Bodhicitta because everyone thinks everyone has enough help, there would be no Buddhas, no path offered even for Arhathood – no Buddhism at all!

The good news is that the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are always doing their best to help all beings awaken to Bodhicitta, in accordance to their spiritual affinities and capacities. However, we should open our hearts and minds too. It is said that they will even attempt to awaken Arhats’ Bodhicitta, so they that can unleash their full potential to become Bodhisattvas, who will become Buddhas. There were many great Arhats in the audience of the Pure Land teachings too. More can be learnt in this course:
https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2017/12/understanding-amituofo-via-the-amitabha-sutra-20th-run (Introduction To Pure Land Teachings: Understanding Amituofo Via The Amitabha Sutra)

It is worth noting that compassion is needed to become Arhats too – compassion for oneself at least, that is ideally cultivated to be an immeasurable state of mind for all beings. If there is strong fixation on self only, it will be impossible to realise non-self for Arhathood. Self-liberation is after all, not just liberation of oneself, but liberation from the self. Extend selflessness actively and it becomes the Bodhisattva path!

It is also not true that nobody cares for you. As above, all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas care for you, including the anonymous editor offering this resolution for you. It is best to learn more of the Buddha’s teachings. Here is a course for beginners to recommend, with its first lesson that aims to awaken Bodhicitta in a moving way: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2018/01/project-rebirth-rediscover-reflect-recharge-round-12 (Project Rebirth: Rediscover, Reflect, Recharge: Round) May all be well and happy.

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