The Five Paradoxes Of Ghost-‘Hunting’

ghost taking pictures in mirror
Photo by Beyzaa Yurtkuran on Pexels.com

[1] Supernormal Disturbance And Helpfulness Paradox

Explorers say
they do not want to disturb,
but their exploring is disturbing.

They say
they want to communicate and help
but seldom really converse and deliver.

[2] Supernormal Peekaboo Paradox

Explorers want
to see the scary,
but they do not want
to see what is too scary.

They want to experience
significant disturbances
but do not want
to be significantly disturbed.

But do ghosts
know how much scariness
is scary enough,
how much is too much?

[3] Supernormal Invitation And Protection Paradox

Explorers seek encounters,
even verbally inviting communication,
but they also seek protection,
even physically bringing protective items.

So, do they want
to be inviting
or unwelcoming.
Is both possible?

[4] Supernormal Photography And Videography Paradox

If the image
is too clear,
it looks faked.

If the image
is too blur,
it looks unreal.

If the image
is kind of clear and/or blur,
it looks kind of faked and/or unreal.

How then,
can there be
a convincing image?

[5] Supernormal Proof Paradox

If it is so convincing to yourself,
why can’t you convince everyone else?
If you can’t convince everyone else,
why are you so convinced?

A mysterious chasm might still exist
between detecting something
and proving that is someone —
to everyone, including yourself.

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