So, What Do You Eat?

If you are kind of
what you eat with,

— Shilashanti (Part 1)

So, what animals do you meat-‘lovers’ eat?’

‘Oh… We eat
about 10 main kinds of animals —
pigs, cows, lambs, goats, chickens,
turkeys, ducks, fish, shrimps and crabs.’

‘So, what do you vegans eat?’

‘Oh… We eat
about 16,000 kinds of legumes, seeds and nuts,
about 2,000 kinds of fruits,
about 1,097 kinds of vegetables,
about 21 kinds of grains…

And don’t get us started on
the many herbs and spices
that you meat-‘lovers’ also use to season
your meats to mask the stench of carcasses,
without which there are few meats palatable.’

do you eat with
more greed than contentment,
more apathy than compassion,
more delusion than wisdom?

— Shilashanti (Part 2)

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