How To Spiritualise The Worldly Five Desires

What cannot be rid of immediately
should be transformed immediately,
so as to be rid of eventually.

– Stonepeace | Books

As beings in the Desire Sphere (欲界),
we are all with the Five Desires (五欲),
for pleasing sights (色),
sounds (声),
smells (香),
tastes (味)
and touch (触).

These five sensory desires are
for wealth (and possessions) (财),
sexual (or sensual) pleasures (色),
fame (or status) (名),
food (and drink) (食),
and sleep (睡),
which are also called the Five Desires (五欲).

As long as with these Five Desires,
it will be difficult to be liberated
from the Desire Sphere,
what more all Three Spheres (三界)
of Desire (欲界) with gross desires,
Form (色界) with refined desires
and Formlessness (无色界) with subtle desires.

The easiest way to break free of these Five Desires
is by purifying greed for them, by seeing
wealth as funding resources, to propagate the Dharma further,
sense pleasures as skilful means, to present the Dharma nicer,
fame as vast connections, to share the Dharma wider,
food as healthy fuel, to practise the Dharma harder,
sleep as adequate rest, to learn the Dharma better.

Desire is neutral,
unless defiled by greed
for the Five Desires;
unless purified by aspiration
to break free from them.

– Stonepeace | Books

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