What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Since we all truly want happiness,
the question of all questions to ask
is what is True Happiness,
and how to truly attain it for all.

Stonepeace | Books

‘What is the meaning of life?’ First of all, what is the meaning of this question? The first key word in it is ‘meaning’, which means ‘significance, worth and/or purpose’. The second key word is ‘life’, which is this current process of living, with all it entails, its cyclical ups and downs leading to death. Thus, to rephrase the question – What is the point of it all, that we are going through, and are going to go through? Usually, in ‘peace’ or ‘okay’ times, this question does not bother us much. It pops up when we experience physical suffering of ageing, sickness and dying, or mental suffering of parting from the beloved, not getting the desired and being with the dreaded. These inevitable moments are when we question if the struggles of living, that are continually susceptible to pain, disappointment and regret are really worth the trouble.

The truth is, this first and primary existential question is going to haunt us time and again, when alive, even when dying, and from life to life, so long as it is yet to be resolved. Without a satisfactory answer fully lived up to, we will never experience True Happiness, which is what we all look forward to. This also means that the meaning of life is to attain True Happiness. The next question then, is what constitutes True Happiness. It must be more elusive than imagined, or we would have gotten it long ago already. Since it is common sense that we all want to be truly happy, what prevents it? It must be because we are being constantly distracted by what seems to be True Happiness – fleeting sense pleasures, which we mistaken for being lasting and substantial, as the ‘best’ available. We know such bittersweet happiness is not true enough because it keeps expiring.

But does True Happiness exist? We only need to look to the most blissful-looking person to know, as depicted in magnificent images that represent Sakyamuni Buddha. Bearing in mind that he is historical, whose compassionate and wise interactions in word and deed with many are recorded in the sutras, he is the best and most inspiring example of one who embodies and exudes True Happiness, who has transcended all physical and mental suffering. Once a prince, his renunciation of worldly luxuries reminds us that True Happiness is not dependent upon accumulation of the material. True Happiness is then necessarily a result of cultivating and sharing compassion and wisdom – not attained from clinging to fleeting material pleasures for oneself, but from guiding all to lasting spiritual happiness. After all, if our happiness does not guide others to it, how true and worthy can it be? And what can be more meaningful, significant and purposeful than attempting this?

True Happiness for one and all
arises from guiding one and all to
True Happiness for one and all.

Stonepeace | Books


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