Are Your Eyes Windows To Your ‘Soul’?

How we see others usually
reflects ourselves to some extent,
even if we do not see this to any extent.

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Are eyes the windows to the ‘soul’? Perhaps, but only to some extent. You see (pun intended)… even if someone else’s eyes do reveal their true nature, they are seen with our own eyes, which can play tricks on us, when we do not really see what we think we are seeing. Even when we are seeing accurately, there can be misinterpretation of what is seen… What do narrowed eyes mean? Could it be shyness, scorn or…? What do widened eyes mean? Could it be surprise, rage or…? What do downcast eyes mean? Could it be evasiveness, tiredness or…? And do we know how others’ eyes are naturally like, before they are further narrowed or widened and such? Could what we see be nothing personal towards us?

And what ‘soul’ are we trying to peer at, when we keep changing, from moment or moment, both the perceivers and perceived? If only it is so easy to tell by one mere look, our eyes looking at others’ eyes would tell us exactly who they are, what they are thinking and feeling, with no room for misunderstanding or tension. But alas, we are more complex that the momentary glint in the angle of our shifting eyes. We are brought up since young, to never unfairly judge by appearances. Yet, we are often poor ‘souls’, instinctively but mistakenly trying to fathom one another superficially, by a glance or two, as if we have no other choice, as if we have forgotten that true understanding comes from deep and sincere dialogue.

And what about the blind and disfigured, who have no clear ‘windows’ for us to peer into (and to peer with)? Beyond mere conversation then, the truest way to know another is not by what we see or hear for a short while, but by the deeds and words expressed over time. With ample interaction and observation, we will know one another well. As the saying goes, ‘With the road far trodden, known is a horse’s strength. With the days long, seen is a person’s heart.’ (路遥知马力,日久见人心) If so, may we not jump to conclusions by speculating how others are. As we are seldom aligned to reality in its totality, we naturally malign others in our minds to some extent. Why not open our hearts and minds, to be fair to one and all, to realise the true value of everyone? This is the way to really see.

The sincere path to realisation
of universal truths requires
sincere truthfulness to the universe.

Stonepeace | Books

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