The Laws of the Garbage & Flower Trucks

An angry person is just an unhappy person. Why be another angry person because of this person?

– Stonepeace | Get Books

Circulating online is a simple but illuminating story by David J. Pollay. Here is a paraphrased version… He was in a taxi when the cabbie had to hit the brakes to avoid another car, which cut into their lane, missing the cab by an inch. Though at fault, the driver turned his head around and hurled vulgarities. However, the cabbie smiled and waved back in a genuinely friendly manner! Shocked, Pollay asked for the rationale of this response. The cabbie replied that many people are like garbage trucks, who run around piling up garbage of frustration, anger and disappointment — till there is a point when it tips over, when they dump it. As such, being dumped upon shouldn’t be taken personally. Why not just wish them well and and move on? One would be happier.

Why let garbage trucks dump their trash on you? You don’t have to accept any of it by being offended. Likewise, why should we collect and unreasonably dump trash on others? The more negativities we dwell upon without transforming them into the positive, the more they grow, till we become full trucks going in circles, dumping trash on one another! Each time we recollect a negative experience needlessly, we are reliving the trash, which should had been recycled into something useful long ago. Even Pollay’s ‘unpleasant’ experience became a powerful lesson learnt and shared! There is no need to let anyone’s garbage pile up even an inch in your mind by bearing a grudge. No matter how many trucks dump their garbage on you, your (un)happiness is always your personal responsibility.

Like the lotus that blossoms untainted from mud, why not draw nutrients from the muck and mire of life and offer a calm and beautiful flower that is your smile? Our well wishes, be it by a smile, word or some other gesture must be genuine though, or our response might be perceived as sarcasm which further frustrates the angry person. The more garbage there is in the world, the more true loving-kindness and compassion we should share to purify everyone’s experiences. The other party might be surprised, yet gradually ‘enlightened’ by your radiant peace and understanding, which is not apathy at all. Once garbage is seen with mindfulness, transform it into flowers instantly! Now that you’ve heard of ‘The Law of Garbage Trucks’; try the Law of Flower Trucks! Flower power up!

Since the person does not know you personally, why take anything negative from this person personally [even if you experience ‘karmically’]?

– Stonepeace | Get Books

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  • Each of our afflictions, our unwholesome mental formations, contains Buddha nature and liberation. Our anger includes all the factors that brought it about. If our anger did not contain liberation, how could we transform it into non-anger?

    In our compost are many fragrant flowers. A skillful gardener does not get rid of kitchen garbage but turns it into compost. In the course of time, the garbage will turn into a basket of fresh, green vegetables.

    If we know how to compost our afflictions of greed, hatred, ignorance, pride, doubt, views, agitation, torpor, and forgetfulness, we can transform them into peace, joy, liberation, and happiness. When we are able to touch our habit energies and transform the roots of violence, despair, fear, and anger in our store consciousness, transformation at the base occurs.

    From http://www.parallax.org/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=BOOKUOM

  • Comments from a friend:

    Dear Dharma Friends, Combat road rage and other negative people with Nianfo: Amituofo chanting or other chosen mantras for self transformation. Nianfo silently or aloud anywhere like waiting at the ATM, for a train or before one dozes off to sleep. SUBSTITUTE endless thinking by the monkey mind with Nianfo! Experience the peaceful bliss!

    Explode if you must otherwise one will get sick. Agreed. Suppression is also negative. There will always be times that we have to explode as each has a tolerance limit but habitual Nianfo and awareness can certainly reduce such danger. Danger that accumulates in our inner body unknowingly can be physically harmful and erode the merits of our hard earned hours of effort.

    The victor is you: Try it!
    w Amituofo and Metta

    Additional comments:

    Yes, the more we nianfo well, the less the need to explode or suppress, as we tune to our Buddha-nature with Buddha’s blessings! Amituofo


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