The Nightmare That Woke Me Up

As all need true compassion,
have true compassion for all.

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I dreamt that we were at the void deck of an empty block of flats. There was a ceremony going on but I wasn’t sure what it was. A group of us were spectators, another group participants. There were some workers working on something I wasn’t sure of as well. Out of nowhere, there was a loud thud. Something heavy dropped to the floor and a huge crack formed. Those with me saw it and moved a few steps back, but there was no sense of danger while we watched. Perhaps it was because the workers did not have us evacuated.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw the far end of the building collapsing. I yelled for all to flee and the spectators quickly backed off to safety. But the participants are not aware and could not hear me shouting as they were too engrossed in the ceremony. To my shock, I realised they are family members among them. Debris started to fall from the ceiling, as some participants finally realised grave danger and ran off hysterically.

I wanted to step forward to grab my confused young niece, but could not move pass the cracked line for some strange reason. I could only gesture and coax her to come towards me. She moved to me very slowly and slightly distractedly, while time was running out. The nearer she came towards me, the less could I recognise her. Nonetheless, all I had in mind was to save her. It was at this moment, that I realised how limited my power was. I could not save everyone as many could not even hear me. With advice falling on mostly deaf ears, I could only struggle to do my best to save the ones in sight.

It struck me that the Bodhisattva path isn’t about how many one can save immediately but saving those that we can in the moment due to limiting karmic conditions. As everyone at one point had being family, it really makes no difference in who we are saving, although we are habitually attached to more familiar faces, who change over time, through many lives. The dream was humbling. It taught me that having true compassion is to see every single being as family with equanimity. Being unenlightened, I seriously need to brush up my skilful means to be able to help more as well. – Zhenmin

As all need true equanimity,
have true equanimity for all.

Stonepeace | Books

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