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The Dharma

Jan. 8 | Learn the Dharma thoroughly. Practise the Dharma fully. Share the Dharma generously. – Dharma Saying

Diligence Haiku

Dec. 19 | All the time in the world due to (endless) rebirth(s)? Ever less time in this life due to (impending) death! How many more times do you wish to assume you have enough time? May all be diligent to learn and practise the Dharma… in time.

The Lotus Sūtra’s Verses For Breaking Free From Hell 法华经之破地狱偈

Dec. 11 | 破地狱偈 [3] 每自作是念: ‘以何令众生, 得入无上道, 速成就佛身?’ – 释迦牟尼佛 《法华经》如来寿量品第十六 Verse For Breaking Free From Hell [3] [I] always personally have this thought, ‘With...

[1] How To Most Greatly Benefit From All

Dec. 4 | Determined to obtain the greatest possible benefit from all sentient beings, who are more precious than a wish-fulfilling jewel, I shall hold them most dear at all times. – Geshe Langri Tangpa Reflections On ‘The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation’...

How We Should Train Ourselves

Nov. 27 | Of a worthy goal reachable, have Faith to reach it, have Aspiration to reach it, have Practice to reach it. – Shilashanti … there is the case where a certain monk follows right after the community of monks… He doesn’t have the other...

Work Haiku

Nov. 1 | Your real work is to use your worldly work to support your spiritual work of learning, practising and sharing the Dharma.

The Easiest Ways To…

Sep. 27 | If even perfect Buddhas and great Bodhisattvas express themselves humbly in thought, word and deed, who are we as ordinary beings to be proud? – Shilashanti The easiest way to carry clothes is to wear them. The easiest way to carry food is to eat them. The...

The ‘Three Provisions’ For Accomplishing Everything

Sep. 20 | 设我得佛,十方众生, 至心信乐,欲生我国, 乃至十念,若不生者,不取正觉。 唯除五逆,诽谤正法。 – 释迦牟尼佛 《佛说无量寿经》 阿弥陀佛第十八大愿 If I, [Dharmākara Bodhisattva] attain...

Practice Haiku

Sep. 5 | Spiritual cultivation is the exorcism of personal demons.

Faith Haiku

Aug. 29 | Lack of faith in Dharma practice is simply due to your lack of Dharma-learning. Lack of faith in Dharma learnt is simply due to your lack of Dharma practice.

Learning Haiku

Aug. 8 | Keep relearning the Dharma, even what already known, to check if it is practised well.

How One Who Slighted None Attained Buddhahood

May. 24 | 此诸众生 云何具有 如來智慧, 愚痴迷惑, 不知不见? – 释迦牟尼佛 (华严经) [Of] all these sentient beings, why [are they] complete with [the] Tathāgatas’ wisdom, [yet] ignorant [and] confused, not knowing...

Will We Face Obstacles During Buddhist Practice?

Jul. 5 | It is not that we have to be free of obstacles to practise the Dharma, but that we practise the Dharma to be free of obstacles. – Stonepeace | Books There is a popular notion that obstacles are frequent when attending Dharma assemblies for retreats,...

Oceanography, Meteorology, Astronomy, Swimology

Jun. 13 | Even much accurate theory that is yet to be practised is yet to be practical. – Stonepeace | Books There was a Professor taking a sea voyage in a little boat and one night he goes up to the old sailor and says, “Hey old man, what do you know about...

Difference Haiku

May. 27 | As long as unenlightened, there will be differences between the learnt and realised.
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