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Challenge Haiku

Feb. 11 | The challenge is to make it* in time. * Whatever ‘it’ is,  especially liberation! Share This:

Should I Learn Yoga Before Buddhism?

Feb. 11 | Question: I wish to introduce my friends and relatives to Buddhism through yoga, as there seems to be a link between the two, and since yoga is getting popular. However, I am not a yoga practitioner, and would need to learn how it relates to Buddhism...

Prepared For The ‘Shockwave’ Of Your Life?

Dec. 28 | ‘Shockwave’ is about the expertise of a heroic bomb disposal officer… and his tragic limitations. Even the most cool-headed and skilled ones who were able to save many in the nick of time will eventually run out of time in this life...

How To Appreciate Blooming & Withering Peonies

Dec. 13 | 色不异空; 空不异色; 色即是空; 空即是色。 – 观世音菩萨 (心经) Form is not different from emptiness; emptiness is not different from form; form is the same as emptiness; emptiness is the same as form. – Guanshiyin...

We, The ‘Well’, Are Dying Like The Sick Too

Nov. 29 | We are truly running out of time if we still do not realise  we are truly running out of time. – Stonepeace | Books It is extremely important to be able to help a dying person and, if you can, the dying person’s family as well. Like us,...

‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’, On The Empty Concept Of Teams

Nov. 10 | In the stand-up comedy routine of ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’, he told this joke – ‘This whole concept of the team [in competitive sports] – your team, my team… Really? Is It our team? Who are these guys? Where are they from?...

House Haiku

Sep. 13 | In a burning house now, quickly look for the fastest way out! (The Buddha described the Three Spheres as a burning house that we are trapped in, that threatens to collapse upon us at any time due to impending death and rebirth.) Share This:

Why You Should Master The Pure Land Teachings Now

Sep. 6 | 若有众生, 闻是说者, 应当发愿, 生彼国土。 – 阿弥陀经 (释迦牟尼佛) If there are [sentient] beings who hear this [teaching], they should vow [aspire] to be born in that [Pure] Land. – Amitā[bha] Sūtra (Śākyamuni...

We Are All Passing Travellers

Sep. 6 | As we merely passing by here, what matters is what we leave behind – in terms of our words and deeds. – Stonepeace | Books Master Han Shan was one of the four great masters of the late Ming dynasty. Once, while travelling, he lost his way and...

Impermanence Haiku

Jul. 24 | Since impermanence is a constant truth, be mindful of it now. Share This:

When Is Your Good Or Bad Karma’s ‘Due Date’?

Jul. 13 | Near the beginning of the movie ‘Due Date’ is a minor accident before Ethan and Peter enter an airport. Ethan tries to console Peter – ‘My father always had a saying. When a day starts like this, it’s all uphill from here.’...

Time Haiku

May. 18 | Master now, what should be mastered in time, before your time is up. Share This:

What Is There To Hold On?

May. 11 | To think you can ‘have and hold’ the worldly is to ‘have and hold’ delusion. – Stonepeace | Books Once, when the Layman was on his way to sell his bamboo baskets, he stumbled and fell while crossing over a bridge. When Ling-chao...

Life Haiku

Apr. 8 | Figure this life out before life runs out, before running in – again. Share This:

Fragility Haiku

Mar. 15 | Aware of life’s fragility, and death’s eventuality, now live with certainty! Share This:
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