Is Mindfulness Of Buddha Applicable In Everyday Life?

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Life is uncertain;
death is certain.

Rebirth is certain;
where to is uncertain.

— Extended Buddhist Saying

Summarised in one line, the Pure Land teachings, which are the most popular in the Mahayana tradition, teach that via faithful single-minded practice of mindfulness of Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha) using his name, coupled with sincere aspiration to reach his pure realm (Pure Land) to perfect learning and practising the Dharma, one would be able to be born there, where there is no suffering and only the most spiritually blissful spiritual environment, where enlightenment is eventual, guaranteed with the presence of enlightened teachers.

Sometimes, there is the misconception, that the Pure Land teachings are less, or even not applicable in everyday life, because they seem to focus more on dying, death and rebirth, which seems to be a matter deserving attention during the last days of this life, instead of right here and now. This is a serious misconception, because the Pure Land teachings are actually of immediate importance and urgency.

They are directly applicable in our daily lives, simply because we can pass away any day (and at any time), and we will pass away. Uncertainty of where we will be reborn is thus a constantly pressing problem. The Pure Land teachings are about ensuring one has the safest and best of rebirths. If left entirely to ‘chance’, one will never attain such a precious rebirth. It thus makes perfect sense to be as mindful of Amituofo as possible in everyday life.

Understanding and practising the Pure Land teachings well re-orientates how we look at and live this life too, as we become more ethical and compassionate in conduct, which increases merits for enabling birth in Pure Land. As mindfulness of Buddha aligns us to our Buddha-nature and Amituofo, it also trains calm concentration of the mind directly, for the arising of clear insight into the Buddha’s teachings. Connecting to Amituofo lets his blessings flow to us. Why wait?

To be as close to a Buddha as possible,
be as mindful of the Buddha as possible.

To become a Buddha as soon as possible,
be as mindful of the Buddha as possible.

– Stonepeace | Get Books

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Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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