Is There An Almighty, All-Good & All-Wise Creator?

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The most mighty, good and knowing ones possible are the Buddhas,
having the most powerful skilful means (superpotence)
with perfect compassion (omnibenevolence) and wisdom (omniscience)
for guiding all to be free from suffering.

– Stonepeace | Books

If there is an almighty (omnipotent) creator,
why is there so much suffering?
Unless he does not have the power to rid it,
which means there is no almighty creator.

If there is an all-good (omnibenevolent; all-kind) creator,
why is there so much suffering?
Unless he is not kind enough to rid it,
which means there is no all-kind creator.

If there is an all-knowing (omniscient; all-wise) creator,
why is there so much suffering?
Unless he does not know how to rid it,
which means there is no all-knowing creator.

Although there is no almighty, all-good and all-knowing creator,
all can naturally ‘create’ the most powerful ones possible
with perfect compassion and wisdom
by following guidance of the Buddhas to also become Buddhas.

– Stonepeace | Books

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  • I thank the moderator(s) for recommending ‘Beyond Belief’ by A.L.De Silva.

    I wish similar materials can be shared with everyone who is genuine about understanding different perspectives, regardless of their religious inclination in this website.

    Although my comment isn’t published (something similar to the above paragraph), I hope that the moderator(s) would continue to strive to present similar articles in ways which encourage readers to objectively analyse and understand complicated topics by, for example, putting forward constrasting viewpoints in the same post.

    Buddhism has always been educational and non-discriminatory. Therefore, can I say that none of us here need to be afraid of showing posts such as these to our friends, acquaintances or anyone as long as they are genuinely seeking to understand and all concerned have the common understanding of‘ultimately agreeing to disagree’.

    For a start, maybe in future articles on the existence of Creator God and its link to suffering, moderator(s) can consider including web links to materials such as ‘Beyond Belief’ and those reflecting the general viewpoints of other religions in one’s country?

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