10 Stonepeace Verses On Good, Evil & Purity


– 释迦牟尼佛
(法句经, 第183偈)

All evil should not to be done,
[And] all good should be practised,
[With] self-purification of your minds,
[As] these are all Buddhas’ teachings.

– Sakyamuni Buddha
(Dhammapada, Verse 183)

I. Good Vs Evil

No knowing what is evil,
evil cannot be avoided.
No knowing what is good,
good cannot be cultivated.

II. Poisons Vs Antidotes

All from the three poisons
of greed, hatred and delusion is evil.
All from the three antidotes
of generosity, compassion and wisdom is good.

III. For All In The Long Run

Good helps oneself and others
in the long run.
Evil harms oneself and others
in the long run.

IV. Avoiding Vs Doing

Avoiding evil and doing good
accumulates good karma.
Doing evil and avoiding good
accumulates evil karma.

V. Body, Speech & Mind

Guard very well
your thoughts, words and deeds,
as it is through them,
that good and evil are done.

VI. Good, Better & Best

Good deeds do greater good
than only good words,
which do greater good
than only good thoughts.

VII. Passivity Vs Activity

Not doing good might not be evil
but it is not good.
Not doing evil might not be good
but it is not evil.

VIII. Little To Much

Be hopeful yet mindful,
as both good and evil
can be accumulated or eradicated
little by little.

IX. More Over Less

More good karma
can dilute less evil karma.
More evil karma
can dilute less good karma.

X. Purity Beyond Good & Evil

The pure wisely avoid evil
without hatred for evil.
The pure wisely do good
without greed for good.


– 释迦牟尼佛
(法句经, 第1偈)

All phenomena have mind as their forerunner;
with the mind’s thoughts made.
If with afflicted [or polluted] mind,
[with] karma of speech or actions,
thus does suffering follows that,
like a [cart]wheel follows an animal’s hoof.

– Sakyamuni Buddha
(Dhammapada, Verse 1)

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