How The Extreme Might Think They Are Not Extreme

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No diet is less extreme
than what does not require trapping,
breeding, exploiting and killing.

— Shilashanti

A doctor friend exclaimed that he encountered a patient who ate nothing but mainly red meat, with no vegetables during younger days. This person now has major health issues. Yes indeed, we need veges, fruits, grains, seeds and such. And yes, we can thrive, live long, strong and healthy on a nutritious WholeFood Plant-Based Diet (WFPBD). This is also known as sensible veganism, medically proven to work well.

I immediately replied, ‘You have to remember such examples as cautionary “tales”, (or rather “true stories”, for warning your other heavy meat-eating patients). Sometimes, extreme examples are the best (for conveying how many “sicknesses from the mouth enters”: 病从口入).’ The idea that ‘everything (should be consumed) in moderation’ is not always true. Why jeopardise your health ‘moderately’?

But a problem with using extreme examples is that most people tend to think that exactly since these are extreme cases, they are not applicable, as they are not extremists. However, people almost always become extreme by not thinking they were extreme at all. Paradoxically, extreme folks think those not extreme are extremely or overly cautious. Sadly, health alarms might be needed as wake-up calls.

If a slice of meat causes more potential harm than good in the long run, why sabotage yourself with even one bit? Some will think that abstaining from all meats is another extreme, but why hurt yourself even a little just to satisfy greed? What more, we are talking about ongoing lifelong ‘insatiable’ craving. See how this builds up towards the extreme? How near the deadly extreme end should you get?

No diet is more extreme
than what requires trapping,
breeding, exploiting and killing.

— Shilashanti

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