The Four Stages Of A Demon Dance

A powerful way
to know one’s character
is by giving much power.

Stonepeace (Part 1)

Stage [1]: Dancing

If you dance with a demon,*
even if it seems wonderful for a while,
you will be tripped
sooner or later,
because it is demon after all.

Stage [2]: Transforming

If you keep dancing with the demon,
you will become a demon too,
sooner or later,
even if yet to be tripped,
because it is a demonic dance after all.

Stage [3]: Tripping

If two demons dance with each other,
the more demonic one
will trip the other,
sooner than later,
because it is more demonic after all.

Stage [4]: Falling

If one demon trips another demon,
the tripper will surely karmically
fall into a deeper hell,
with the tripped falling into a hell too,
because they are demons after all.

* Demon: One with much
of the three poisons
of greed, hatred and delusion,
with which one interacts with others.

Another powerful way
to further know the character
is by taking away that power.

Stonepeace (Part 2)

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