Why We Should All Attend Buddhist Classes

The only way to know 
if you have learned enough
is to keep learning,
till you know and see all.

Stonepeace | Books

It is best to attend proper Dharma classes
to learn the Buddha’s teachings
ever more systematically and comprehensively,

because what you learn and ask ‘randomly’ here and there,
and even by enquiry of experienced fellow Buddhists,
might not be about what you really need to know,

while what you really do need to know
you might never ever get to know
because you do not attend any Dharma classes.

The Buddha’s teachings are profound
and there is much that is crucial to learn properly now,
for time is running out in this very short life.

If we only wonder randomly in this life,
we might continue to wander randomly life after life,
always missing the right and clear path to liberation.

Note: There are some experienced guides of famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites, who can sprout details of their wonders, but ironically claim they are not Buddhists. Perhaps this is a classic case of being a spoon stirring nectar of the Dharma regularly, yet not truly tasting its nutrition practically. They also might have assumed that they know enough of the Dharma already. However, there is a world of difference between knowing some superficial historical Buddhist facts, versus really digesting the sweet Dharma.

The only way to know 
if you have shared enough
is to keep sharing,
till you have shared it all.

Stonepeace | Books

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