Six Matters You Might Wish To Consider Now

As not choosing
is also choosing,
do consider well
to choose well.

– Shilashanti

[1] First, you might
not liberate yourself
before this life ends,
but you can choose where reborn.

[2] Second, you might
not care where
you will be reborn,
but such rebirth can be worse.

[3] Third, you might
do more good
for a good rebirth,
but good is not good enough.

[4] Fourth, you might
be reborn too ‘good’,
with doing good neglected,
while tempted to do evil instead.

[5] Fifth, you might
then be reborn worse,
with much more suffering,
and less able to do good.

[6] Sixth, you might
wish to instead,
be reborn in Pure Land.
to transcend both good and evil.

Good that spurs evil
is not truly good.
Evil that spurs good
is not truly evil.

– Shilashanti

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