Why Is It Better To Give Than To Receive?


– 佛陀

Those not knowing contentment, although wealthy, they are yet poor. Of people knowing contentment, although poor, they are yet wealthy.

– The Buddha
(Sutra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings)

Two ghosts await to be reborn human.
King Yama gives them an ‘either or’ choice.
One is to become a giver to others,
and the other a receiver from others.

The first quickly asks to receive while the second is silent.
The King announces his verdict –
the first will be born poor but able to beg from others,
the second will be born rich and able to give to help others.

The verdict was but the expression of their karma, pivotal on their attitudes.
It is through intentional thoughts, words and deeds,
that we sentence ourselves to reap what we have sown.
All is fair with no one else to blame.

If you only want, you will never receive. (沒舍沒有得)
Those who keep wanting without giving seldom get much.
If you sincerely give, you will surely receive. (有舍才有得)
Those who keep giving without wanting often get much.

Even if poor, once you want less and give more, you have abundance,
or you would not have more than enough, to be willing to give.
Even if rich, once you want more and give less, you lack abundance,
or you would not have less than enough, to be unwilling to give.

Those who are giving will never fall short, while they increase their positive karma.
Those who are wanting already fall short, while they deplete their positive karma.
What we have and not have is karmically created, deserved and sustained.
Are the karmic seeds we sow the purest possible?

We give and we receive.
We receive and we give.
But if given only an ‘either or’ choice,
it is surely better to give more than to receive more.


– 佛陀
[*五欲: 财色名食睡]

Those not knowing contentment, are constantly by the five desires* those led, by those knowing contentment sympathised.

– The Buddha
(Sutra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings)
[*Five desires: for wealth, sex, fame, food, sleep]

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  • I personally also believe in given, it’s not only planted the good karma, it also help us to counter the defilement of greed.
    The more we give,the more we get.

  • For those who are not aware of the need to give it is not easy to reason with them that their good blessings are derived from their past actions.
    Thank you for including Mandarin Chinese words as well!

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