Do You Learn & Practise Buddhism Sincerely?

Sincerity is needed
to master any worldly skill,
much more spiritual skills.

– Nowanden

A Dharma friend shared that a mutual friend (who is an acquaintance), who used to sing Buddhist songs, had recently given up on Buddhism. My reply was this – ‘All those I know in person, who gave up on Buddhism, did so due to their lack of SINCERE learning and practice (which led to lack of understanding and faith in the unsurpassable value of the Dharma for leading to True Happiness).’ As a ‘reborn’ Buddhist who returned to Dharma classes recently, he replied, ‘True – I was one of them.’

Further commenting, ‘From limited observation, seems that he did not SINCERELY and adequately learn and practise the Dharma. Merely singing is an entirely different thing, (with at least half of the time more emotive than rational due to its nature, thus not being balanced). Never become disheartened by bad examples (of lapsed Buddhists). As we take refuge in the enlightened ones – Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats and Patriarch(al great masters), we should not take our cue from unenlightened ones, (especially those less informed than us)…

Some, including possibly our friend, gave up being Buddhists because they too focused on bad Buddhist examples, and were disheartened by them; instead of taking ever deeper refuge in the infallible Triple Gem (of the Buddhas, Dharma and Ārya Saṅghā, which is the entire noble community of enlightened [and not ordinary] practitioners) – through further SINCERE learning and practice, to become unshakeable Buddhists. The Triple Gem can never let us down; even when the unenlightened let the Triple Gem down.’  

He remarked, ‘This is an obstacle he might have to go through.’ I concluded, ‘However, if nothing spurs him to consider being “reborn” as a more SINCERE Buddhist, he might not overcome this obstacle. Thus, we should also strive to be ever more SINCERE Buddhists, to be good examples, to inspire and encourage lapsed Buddhists to reconsider Buddhism. Teaching by personal virtuous example, we can urge others to have SINCERE learning and practice too.’ (Details above were changed for privacy.)

Sincerity is needed
to share any worldly skill,
much more spiritual skills.

– Nowanden 

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