To Whom Are You A Karmic Creditor? 您是谁的冤亲债主?

You are your first karmic creditor.
Be responsible by realising this.

— Shilashanti (Part 1)

We tend to wonder if a family member
(or another person encountered) is in our lives
to ‘demand’ repaying of our karmic debts (讨债) from our past unkindness,
or to repay their karmic debts (还债) from our past kindness (报恩).

Why have we never wondered
if we are in our family members’ lives
to ‘demand’ repaying of their debts,
or to repay our karmic debts?

While others might be our karmic creditors (冤亲债主),
we might be others’ karmic creditors too.
While others might seem to ‘give’ us suffering,
we might seem to ‘give’ them suffering too.

We can be both karmic creditors and debtors
to one another too,
at times alternating between the two,
at times more as one than the other.

May we apologise to and forgive one another,
thus resolving our debts together.
May we thank and appreciate one another,
thus repaying with kindness together.

You are your last karmic debtor.
Be responsible by actualising this.

— Shilashanti (Part 2)

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