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Always Be Truthful & Disciplined

Apr. 19 | For your own sake always speak the truth even if it leads to your death or the loss of your sovereignty. Never speak in any other fashion. Devote yourself always to the discipline of acting in accord with your statements. Glorious one, by that you will...

Beware Of Anti-Dharma Slander

Mar. 6 | [Do See All 34 Posts] Recently, there is clearly unfounded online slander via a SINGLE source with unknown background upon one of our editors. This page archives all corrective responses. Note too, that his complete biodata, which has always been openly...

Do All Religions Share The Same Essence?

Feb. 21 | Appreciate similarities for harmony. Acknowledge differences for harmony too. – Stonepeace | Books (Although the below reflects how Buddhists see Buddhism; it does not necessarily reflect how others see it. The related articles that follow should...

Truth Haiku

Dec. 21 | The truth matters forever as it does not expire, while delusions do. Share This:

Was That Truly A Buddhist Teaching?

Dec. 21 | In the unessential they imagine the essential; in the essential they see the unessential –  they who entertain [such] wrong thoughts never realise the essence [of the Dharma]. – Sakyamuni Buddha  (Dhammapada, Verse 11) When there is a supposedly...

Sight Haiku

Oct. 18 | The short-sighted and the long-sighted are equally half-sighted. Share This:

How To Prevent Slander Of The Buddha, Dharma & Sangha

Oct. 18 | A half-truth is a half-lie too. An already whole truth with additions  to that extent makes it a lie too.   – Stonepeace | Books In the Abhasita Sutta (Discourse On What Was Not Said), Sakyamuni Buddha said,  ‘… [T]hese two slander...

Truth Haiku

Aug. 30 | The truth is not won by a popularity vote; but by the relatively awakened few.* * at any one point in time in non-Pure Lands Share This:

Truth Haiku

Aug. 18 | Pay attention to ‘the truth’; not ‘your truth’ preferred, which might be your delusion. Share This:

Impermanence Haiku

Jul. 24 | Since impermanence is a constant truth, be mindful of it now. Share This:

Verse On Dangerous Paths

Jul. 13 | 若见险道, 当愿众生, 住正法界, 离诸罪难。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第58偈) If seeing dangerous paths, [reflect that] ‘May sentient beings, abide in the realm of right Dharma,* [and] depart from all difficulties...

Taste Flavours As They Are

Jul. 5 | If experiences are experienced as they are; not as what we want them to be, they will be very different experiences – of truth itself, in its different manifestations. – Stonepeace | Books The great Chinese monk Master Hong Yi (1879-1942) had a...

Are All In ‘Monastic’ Robes Beyond Question?

Jun. 9 | As featured in July 2017 issue of ‘For You Information’ (佛友资讯) (An Answer With Eight Bodhisattva Precepts) It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain.  Uncertainty has arisen in you about what is doubtful. –...

Who Should We Learn The Dharma From?

May. 5 | Original TDE article, as featured in SBL’s magazine 依本师所说, 依祖师所解, 依佛言祖语, 依法不依人。 Rely on what our fundamental teacher Sakyamuni Buddha taught. Rely on what the [Pure Land] Patriarchs accordingly...

Liar Haiku

Apr. 27 | The worst liars are liars who lie about their lying. Share This:
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