Why Does Buddhahood Require Bodhicitta?

If we would like all to help us,
we should like to help all too.
To be helped by all is surely joyful,
but to help all is even more joyful.

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Buddhahood, as we know, is the realisation of True Happiness, which is what we all really want. What about Bodhicitta? It literally means ‘the mind/heart for/of (the full) enlightenment’ (of Buddhahood), as also defined in this poster at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2014/05/the-bodhicitta-factor-how-to-be-a-bodhisattva-3rd-run In this course, ‘The Bodhicitta Factor: How To Be A Bodhisattva – Strengthening The Resolve For Buddhahood Via “The Exhortation On Giving Rise To Bodhicitta”‘, we will share more details on how to appreciate and nurture Bodhicitta systematically. So, why is the generation of Bodhicitta to help others necessary for our complete enlightenment?

Bodhicitta is the crucial motivator for Buddhahood as it is the primary aspiration to guide all beings (oneself and others) to Buddhahood. Simply put, as Buddhahood is realised only when the twin qualities of compassion and wisdom are perfected, to give rise to Bodhicitta is to give rise to the resolution to attain all-encompassing wisdom, which all Buddhas have, out of all-encompassing compassion, which all Buddhas also have, to best help all sentient beings. Without such a resolution, the perfect compassion and wisdom of Buddhahood cannot be gotten.

When we wonder ‘Why should we help others?’, this question arises from the perspective of ‘What’s in it for me?’ Of course, in true altruism, this should not be a concern, as the focus is simply to help others because they can and should be helped. However, it turns out, that to help others realise Buddhahood is itself the path to Buddhahood for us. Thus, helping others does help us too! Also, if no one gives rise to Bodhicitta, there would be no Buddhas arising and no Dharma taught by them. Since we appreciate the Buddha and the Dharma, and wish to share it with more, it makes perfect sense to nurture Bodhicitta!

The nature of Buddhas’ virtues
resonate deeply within us
as we all have Buddha-nature,
the potential for realising them too.

Stonepeace | Books

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