The Delusion And Reality Of The ‘Law’ Of Attraction


The so-called ‘law’ of attraction proposes
that if you merely keep believing
that your wish will come true, it surely will.
Or is it literally ‘wishful thinking’?

Physical Reality

For example, if you only have a seed (as a cause; 因),
with soil, water and sun as supportive conditions (助缘),
how will you bear a fruit (果)
without efforts of sowing the seed
and nurturing it with those conditions daily?

Spiritual Reality

For example, in the Pure Land (净土) teachings,
the qualities essential for reaching Pure Land
are the Three Provisions (三资粮)
of Faith (信), Aspiration (愿) and Practice (行),
with each supporting one another.

It is not enough to believe (i.e. have Faith) in Pure Land,
and to want (i.e. have Aspiration) to reach it.
You must have the Practice of mindfulness of Buddha (念佛) too,
to actualise your Faith and Aspiration (信愿).
This is the true law, to ‘attract’ ourselves towards the goal!

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