Why No One Truly Believes In Predestination

Stephen Hawking (ALS patient)

If you use the Dharma for escapism,
from doing what you should do,
‘the Dharma’ becomes your worldly trap,
instead of being your path to spiritual liberation.

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Stephen Hawking (ALS Patient)

Stephen Hawking (ALS Patient)

Can one truly resign to so-called ‘fate’,
and not plan for anything at all?
To one who claimed so, I said,
‘Well, you do plan to eat,
or you would be long dead already!’

There was the rebuttal that
‘Many things are predestined,
despite our best of efforts.’
I then asked,
‘How do you decide what is fated?’

Why have selective fatalism?
Why not diligently take total control,
or as much control as you can,
to be the master of your destiny?
Why give up on doing the worthy?

Henry Ford said it well, that
‘Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t – you’re right.’
Because your attitude decides it all,
while even giving up is you taking charge.

There are no true living fatalists,
because being truly fatalistic is truly fatal
both physically (and spiritually).
You would quickly starve to death,
if you do not actively choose to do anything.

Stephen Hawking said it best –
‘I have noticed that even those who assert
that everything is predestined,
and that we can change nothing about it
still look both ways before they cross the street.’

Go on a retreat and seek counselling if needed,
for deeper reflection on what you should do,
but don’t take indefinite time –
because life is short and precious.
Swiftly offer yourself a new lease of life!

Even when you lament that
it is too late later,
it is too late to lament then.

Stonepeace | Books

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