Wholehearted Mindfulness Of The Buddha Is Cultivation Of Precepts, Concentration And Wisdom 一心念佛时,即修戒定慧

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— 三学偈 (1)

With the Threefold Learning cure the Three Poisons: with Precepts and Generosity cure Greedy Desires, with Concentration and Compassion cure Hatred and Anger, and with Wisdom cure Ignorance and Delusion.

— Verses On Threefold Learning (1)

All that the Great Treasury Of Sūtras explain, is no more than the Precepts, Concentration and Wisdom only… These Precepts, Concentration and Wisdom are then the Dharma Door Of Mindfulness Of Buddha. How so? (大藏经所诠者,不过戒定慧而已… 此戒定慧即是念佛法门,何也?)

Precepts are thus for preventing wrongs as its meaning. If able to wholeheartedly be mindful of the Buddha, with all evils not daring to enter, then are Precepts upheld.(戒乃防非为义,若能一心念佛,诸恶不敢入,即戒也;)

Concentration is thus for eliminating scatteredness as its meaning. If wholeheartedly mindful of the Buddha, with the mind without different conditions, then is Concentration cultivated. (定乃除散为义,若一心念佛,心不异缘,即定也;)

Wisdom is thus for clear reflection as its meaning. If contemplating the Buddha’s name’s sound (Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛), with word by word distinct and clear, also contemplating the ability to be mindful and that mindful of, are all unattainable, then is Wisdom realised. (慧乃明照为义,若观佛声,字字分明,亦观能念所念,皆不可得,即慧也。)

Like this mindful of the Buddha, then is with the Precepts, Concentration and Wisdom too. Why must there be following of texts to chase words one by one, to read this treasury of sūtras? (如是念佛,即是戒定慧也,何必随文逐字,阅此藏经。)

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
(Essential Words Of Guidance On Reading The Treasury)


— 三学偈 (2)

With mindfulness of Buddha cultivate the Threefold Learning: with his Pure Light cure Greed, with his Joyful Light cure Hatred, and with his Wisdom Light cure Delusion.

— Verses On Threefold Learning (2)

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