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Supreme Sharing

Apr. 26 | There are these two kinds of sharing: sharing of material things and sharing of the Dharma. Of the two, this is supreme: sharing of the Dharma. – The Buddha (Itivuttaka 4.1)

How The Buddha Redirected A Precious Offering

Apr. 18 | Being the fundamental source of physical kindness in our lives, our parents should first to be repaid, by sharing the Dharma learnt with them. – Shilashanti As recounted by the Pure Land Tradition’s 2nd Patriarch Great Master Shàndǎo (净土宗二祖善导大师)...

Why You Should Be More Giving Now (Or ‘Death Cleaning For Better Living’)

Mar. 27 | Giving what others need now will create merits, which can manifest as what we really need later. – Shilashanti In the Avadāna Sūtra《阿婆陀那经》, Velāma Bodhisattva (韦罗摩菩萨) had the following reflection – ‘People speak...


Mar. 6 | To keep transforming greed, keep giving with generosity. To keep transforming hatred, keep radiating loving-kindness. To keep transforming delusion, keep learning to realise wisdom. – Zhaojian

Giving Little Gains Much 施少得多

Jan. 16 | 贤者好布施, 天神自扶将, 施一得万倍, 安乐寿命长。 [Of] virtuous ones [who] delight [in] generosity, heavenly gods [will] personally look after [them]. [When] giving once, [they] attain ten thousand times [more], [with] peace,...

[7] How To Offer Benefits To All

Jan. 16 | In short, both directly and indirectly, do I offer every happiness and benefit to all my mothers. I shall secretly take upon myself all their harmful actions and suffering. – Geshe Langri Tangpa Reflections On ‘The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation’...

The Dharma

Jan. 8 | Learn the Dharma thoroughly. Practise the Dharma fully. Share the Dharma generously. – Dharma Saying

[3] How To Avert Harming Of All

Dec. 19 | Vigilant, the moment a delusion appears in my mind, endangering myself and others, I shall confront and avert it without delay. – Geshe Langri Tangpa Reflections On ‘The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation’ (Part 3 of 8): 第三颂:疾断烦恼 一举一动观自心, 正当烦恼初萌生, 危害自与他人时, 愿疾呵斥令消除。 –...

Which Of These Four Actions Do You Create?

Nov. 8 | There are four kinds of [karmic] actions proclaimed by me, after realising them for myself with direct knowledge. – Śākyamuni Buddha (Kukkuravatika Sutta) (As paraphrased and extended from the second half of the Kukkuravatika Sutta) [1] There are dark...

How To Handle Someone In A Rush?

Nov. 8 | Question: I was sick at at a clinic. There was a patient there who complained that she had wasted time waiting for an hour, asking if the next in line can let her go first, so that she can go home to take care of her child. Everyone remained silent....

Giving Haiku

Oct. 25 | Give till there is nothing left to give by your time to die – to perfect your generosity best you can. Love till there is no one left unloved by your time to die – to perfect your loving-kindness best you can.

Late Haiku?

Oct. 17 | Never just take; give more meaningfully, and never hate; love all meaningfully… before it is too late.

Does Blood Donation Break Any Precept?

Oct. 17 | Question: Does blood donation break any Buddhist precept? Answer: Voluntary donation of blood does not break any precept at all. In fact, it upholds the spirit of the First Precept, as not only is there no killing, there is its opposite – the...

‘Seven’ Deadly Sins Vs Five Poisons?

Oct. 4 | ‘Se7en’ can be seen as a contemporary fable on the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins, which according to Christian teachings, are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. (They are contrary, respectively, to the Seven Cardinal...

Greed Haiku

Sep. 13 | If not much  needs to be spent, why make too much? If not much needs to be saved, give those with too little.
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