[7] How To Offer Benefits To All

In short, both directly and indirectly, do I offer every happiness and benefit to all my mothers. I shall secretly take upon myself all their harmful actions and suffering.

– Geshe Langri Tangpa

Reflections On ‘The Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation’ (Part 7 of 8):



— 朗日塘巴尊者

The Seventh Verse: Secretly Take [Upon] Others’ Suffering   

Regardlessly, [both] directly and indirectly,
may [I] offer benefits [and] bliss to [my] loving mothers,
[of] all mothers-like sentient beings’ suffering [and] misfortune,
I wish [to] secretly [and] personally take [to] receive [them].  

— Venerable Langri Tangpa
(Eight Verses [For] Cultivation [Of The] Mind)    

Notes: Since we have all been reborn for innumerable times already, in many past lives, we had been interconnected to one another, interchangeably as loving mothers and beloved children. Thus, may we see all to be our precious mother sentient beings, whom we are immeasurably indebted to for their past kindness, even if they are unkind to us presently due to their three poisons.

With this perspective, may we, in all possible ways great and small, offer kindness with our thoughts, words and deeds, to lessen everyone’s suffering, and increase their causes of happiness, by guiding them with the Dharma, and to the Dharma.

To ensure this is not done out of attachment to self and greed for praise, but out of selflessness and generosity, this should be done discreetly, especially if aware that such attachment and greed are strong.

See the Eighth Verse next week

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Mind-training (Lojong) root text by Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa (1054–1123)
Translated (in prose form) by Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche (1980)
Lightly edited by Ven. Constance Miller (1997)
Retranslated (in verse form from Chinese) with basic notes by editor (2018)

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