The First Step To Improve & Perfect Your Life

Life that seems good
even when you are bad
is just the exhaustion
of your past good karma,
before your bad karma ripens.

– Stonepeace | Books

To improve your life,
improve yourself by improving your moral conduct,
by improving observation of the precepts,
before improving anything else,
for how can your life be good if you are not?

Moral integrity should be
committed to every situation;
not only when temporarily advantageous.

When your conduct changes,
your karma changes, and your life changes.
When your conduct worsens,
your karma worsens, and your life worsens.
When your conduct betters,
your karma betters, and your life betters.
When your conduct is mixed,
your karma is mixed, and your life is mixed.

Moral integrity that is
committed to every situation,
is always eventually advantageous.

To perfect your life,
perfect yourself by perfecting your moral conduct,
by perfecting observation of the precepts,
before perfecting anything else,
for how can your life be perfect if you are not?

Life that seems bad
even when you are good
is just the exhaustion
of your past bad karma,
before your good karma ripens.

Stonepeace | Books

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