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How ‘Demolition’ Led To Reconstruction

Dec. 21 | A man whose wife died in a car crash is seemingly numb at first. He even tries to cry but found it hard. As it turned out, he was too unmindfully spaced out in the final days of their relationship. So much so, that he was uncertain of what he lost,...

Light In ‘The Darkest Hour’

Sep. 13 | ‘The Darkest Hour’ is really a simple science fiction flick… about invisible and thus insidious aliens, who are energy vampires. As in the case of all sudden catastrophes, be it storms, monsters or zombies, they tend to bring out the...

Impermanence Haiku

Jul. 24 | Since impermanence is a constant truth, be mindful of it now. Share This:

When Is Your Good Or Bad Karma’s ‘Due Date’?

Jul. 13 | Near the beginning of the movie ‘Due Date’ is a minor accident before Ethan and Peter enter an airport. Ethan tries to console Peter – ‘My father always had a saying. When a day starts like this, it’s all uphill from here.’...

How Should We View Near Accidents?

Jun. 2 | Question: What is a karmic debt? Will it surely ripen in this lifetime? Answer: A karmic debt is simply negative karma created that has yet to ripen in effect. Its effects can be mitigated with positive karma, as can be seen at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2009/08/how-to-easier-stomach-a-pinch-of-salt Sincere...

How ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ Fell Not

Jun. 2 | In this retelling of ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’, while climbing it to rescue a princess, Jack grabs a small twig, that snaps. As he slipped down a little, before getting a grip on the stalk and himself, Elmont the leading knight asks, ‘Fear...

The Most Reliable Buddhist Practice

May. 27 | 丛林以无事为兴盛, 修行以念佛为稳当。 – 百丈大智禅师   《丛林要则二十条》 [In a Buddhist] monastery, [it is] without matters* [that there] is [spiritual] prosperity. For cultivation of [Buddhist] practice, [it is...

Focus Haiku

Mar. 22 | Nianfo is focus on one skill for mastering focus on all other skills [upon reaching Pure Land]. Share This:

Beware Of Westernised Self-Centric ‘Mindfulness’

Mar. 15 | Realise there is no self within the five aggregates to realise the true self beyond. – Stonepeace | Books But there are significant problems with how Buddhism has been appropriated to fit directly into a Western mind-set and model. Buddhism appealed...

Who Is The ‘Genius’ Behind Good Books?

Feb. 16 | Writing is a deed that involves the triad of karmic thought, speech and action. All that is written is first formulated in thought, while the worded is a kind of speech and writing is action. Despite availability of audio and video recordings online,...

Writing Haiku

Feb. 1 | Writing with ink mindfully, that cannot be erased, may we communicate so. Share This:

Attention Haiku

Jan. 25 | Note more of the noteworthy and less of the not. Share This:

Can You Walk With A Full Bowl On Your Head?

Jan. 13 | 真能念佛, 放下身心世界, 即大布施。 – 净宗九祖蕅益大师 To truly be able to be mindful of Buddha [Amituofo], let go of the body, mind [with stray thoughts] and the world, [the practice of] which is [the perfection of] great...

Focus Haiku

Nov. 23 | Note and do the worthy; never the unworthy – always focus! Share This:

Notes Haiku

Nov. 9 |   Take note now, instead of taking notes for later that never comes. Share This:
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