How Many Horses Do You Need?

Not knowing what is enough,
you will never have enough,
even if you do have enough.

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Here is a Tibetan folk tale retold and extended:

The first brother has 1 horse.
The second brother has 99 horses.
None feel they have enough.

The first brother thinks,
‘If only my brother would give me 1 horse,
my horse would have company!’

The second brother thinks,
‘If only my brother would give me 1 horse,
my horses would number 100!’

Will both brothers be content with 1 more horse each?
For a while perhaps, but not for long,
before wanting more and more?

Which brother are you?
The first brother who seems to have less now,
or the second brother who seems to have much now?

Rich or poor, none can have enough or abundance
if one always wants more than needed.
‘Contentment’, the Buddha says, ‘is the greatest wealth.’

Yet, worldly wealth cannot buy contentment,
as endless pursuit for it by gathering the material
is like chasing a carrot hanging on a stick in front.

What kind of ‘horses’ do you want?
Money, sense pleasures, fame, food, sleep…?
All are fleeting though, unlike bliss of spiritual liberation.

If you already have more than needed ‘horses’ and can get more,
why not generously help those in genuine need?
Be mindful not to spur greed in others though!

How many horses do I need?
None for me.
Support wildlife freedom and mass public transport!

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  • I am totally agree with you, there is no end to agree, How can we take all the frame and wealth with us when we die. Only the Karma that follow us. What most important to us is happiness and perfection our spiritual life.

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