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Commentary On Three Sayings From ‘The Stonepeace Book: Vol. 2’

As you can only have one thought in each moment,
you only have to take care of your mind in this moment.
This is how mindfulness is practised
from moment to moment, for all moments.


‘The sure way to know if a person
has the good karma to be helped
is to help the person.’

Commentary: Sometimes, we hesitate helping others who are less fortunate or even evil, giving the rationalised excuse that their misfortune is simply due to them living our their negative karma, or that the misguided will most likely be unrepentant of their ill ways. This hinders the arising, growth and expression of our compassion – to help relieve others’ suffering, and to guide others to do good – for the good of one and all. Instead of pointlessly speculating if others have enough good karma to receive assistance from anyone or not, we should simply do what we can to help them personally. In many cases, our earlier apathetic or judgemental attitudes will be proven wrong, because many can indeed be helped! If so, we might as well be the conditions through which they receive help. Although help should be given unconditionally, helping gladly, we do attain joy and merits too.

‘Obstacles are so
only when not overcome
as stepping stones for advancement.’

Commentary: While the definition of an ‘obstacle’ is something troublesome that obstructs our forward advancement on the journey to worldly success or True Happiness, this perspective should not be cast in stone. Obstacles are as defined above only when they are not crossed over. If we cling to seeing obstacles as being fixed, substantial and unsurmountable, we will forever be unable to advance to our goals. However, if we learn to see and treat each and every obstacle on our path to be mere stepping stones towards success, as big and small milestones to mark our way forth, the original definition of obstacles will disappear. This is how an obstacle truly becomes a non-obstacle. So-called obstacles on our path are simply training stations for furthering our resolve to persevere with more right effort.

‘When one becomes the selfless source
of True Happiness for others,
one will never run out of it for one”self”.’

Commentary: Most of us openly or secretly hope others (the more the merrier!) will selflessly become the sources of our lasting happiness. Such unrealistic expectations lead us to futilely seek or anticipate True Happiness externally, in relationships with others who might be just as inadequate (or not totally adequate), in accumulaton of material things, and in clinging to fleeting pleasurable experiences. If, however, we become less self-centred or self-serving, and practise the Buddha’s teachings to actualise compassion and realise wisdom in ways as selfless as possible, to serve other beings by guiding them to True Happiness that the Buddha attained instead, we will never be exhausted of happiness ourselves – while we will also naturally advance towards True Happiness.

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Treasure the bearers of unpleasant truths
because bitter medicine often holds
the cure for the disease of complacency,
as in the case of the Buddha,
who taught the First Noble Truth of suffering,
the realisation of which is the first step towards liberation from it.


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