One Hell Of An Act Of Compassion

Sep. 20 | Hell is absence of compassion by oneself and for oneself, by others and for others. – Shilashanti We may be surprised to hear how the Buddha[-to-be] first generated compassion... Read more »


Verse On Dharma-Speaking

Sep. 20 | 若说法时, 当愿众生, 得无尽辩, 广宣法要。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第123偈) If speaking the Dharma,* [reflect that] ‘May sentient beings, attain... Read more »

Verses On Eating

Sep. 13 | 若饭食时,当愿众生, 禅悦为食,法喜充满。 若受味时,当愿众生, 得佛上味,甘露满足。 饭食已讫,当愿众生, 所作皆办,具诸佛法。 –... Read more »


Do Doctors Create Negative Karma By Healing?

Sep. 20 | Question: When a doctor heals a patient, does the doctor personally create negative karma, by not allowing the patient’s negative karma to ripen naturally? Answer: No. As... Read more »
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