Mindfulness Without Being Mindful Of Core Ethics & Its Ultimate Goal

Oct. 2 | Mindfulness is good – but what guides your mindfulness, if not sound ethics, and where does it lead to, if not true enlightenment? – Shilashanti The conspicuous absence of... Read more »


How To Delight The Buddhas 如何令佛欢喜

Oct. 4 | 若于众生尊重承事, 则为尊重承事如来。 若令众生生欢喜者, 则令一切如来欢喜。 何以故?诸佛如来, 以大悲心而为体故。 因于众生而起大悲, 因于大悲生菩提心, 因菩提心成等正觉。 –... Read more »


How To View Miscarriages?

Oct. 1 | Question: How should an accidental miscarriage be seen? If family members have been praying to deities, how could it still occur? Answer: In the Buddhist perspective, a miscarriage... Read more »
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