6 Brief Universal Lessons

Nov. 8 | Your mind cannot hold two thoughts at once. This means that a single thought can occupy your entire mind. Whether good or bad, everything stems from a single thought. If we are... Read more »


Verses On Stupas

Nov. 8 | 见佛塔时,当愿众生, 尊重如塔,受天人供。 When seeing Buddhist stupas,¹ [reflect that] ‘May sentient beings, [attain] deep respect like [the] stupas [do], receiving... Read more »

Verses On Buddhas

Nov. 1 | 若得见佛,当愿众生, 得无碍眼,见一切佛。 谛观佛时,当愿众生, 皆如普贤,端正严好。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经:... Read more »


How To Handle Someone In A Rush?

Nov. 8 | Question: I was sick at at a clinic. There was a patient there who complained that she had wasted time waiting for an hour, asking if the next in line can let her go first,... Read more »


‘Bleach’ing Out Darkness Of Evil

Nov. 8 | ‘Bleach: The Soul Reaper Agent Arc’ is a movie adaptation of the ‘Bleach’ manga series, featuring soul reapers who guide ‘souls’ in the afterlife.... Read more »
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