What Is In Your Circle Of Control?

Jul. 17 | Mind your mind mindfully, or it will be ‘minded’ by its negative habits of greed, hatred and delusion. – Shilashanti ‘We control our reasoned choice and all... Read more »


Control Yourself

Jul. 19 | Irrigators regulate the rivers;fletchers straighten the arrow shaft;carpenters shape the wood;the wise control themselves. Just as a solid rockis not shaken by the storm,even... Read more »

Whose Fault?

Jul. 12 | 不举他功过, 勿观作未作, 唯观己修行, 已修与未修。 – 佛陀 (法句经,第50偈) Let none find fault with others; let none... Read more »


Can I Listen To The Dharma At Night?

Jul. 23 | Question: Is it not advisable to listen to pre-recorded Dharma teachings too late at night, in case it attracts unseen beings to come, who might cause disturbances? I am however... Read more »


The First Things In ‘Cities Of Last Things’

Jul. 22 | The film (幸福城市) begins in the midst of a casual yet cautionary song – ‘爱千万不要给得太多… 你今天将它挽留,明天它悄悄溜走。你将一切给我,我却不知如何接受。啊…... Read more »
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