Effects Of Ten Unwholesome (Evil) Karmic Paths (十恶业道)

Nov. 13 | Those with great greed become hungry ghosts.Those with great hatred become hell-beings.Those with great delusion become animals. Of the Ten Unwholesome Karmic Paths, the... Read more »


Loving-Kindness & Compassion 慈与悲

Nov. 8 | 佛心者慈与悲:大慈则与乐,大悲则拔苦。 – 空海大师(性灵集) Those with the Buddha’s hearthave loving-kindness and compassion:with... Read more »


Do Animals Who Kill Create Negative Karma?

Nov. 12 | Question: Do animals who kill other animals create negative karma, or are they ‘excused’? Answer: Animals might kill with less actual viciousness; with more... Read more »
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