A Monk To A King On Listening To Good Advice

May. 15 | As skilful means, say the true, beneficial, and even possibly displeasing  only at appropriate times.  If a king acts in a way that contradicts the Dharma or does something that... Read more »


Verses On Asceticism & Morality

May. 15 | 见苦行人,当愿众生, 依于苦行,至究竟处。 见操行人,当愿众生, 坚持志行,不舍佛道。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第92-93偈) Seeing... Read more »

Verses On Sramanas & Brahmins

May. 4 | 若见沙门, 当愿众生, 调柔寂静,毕竟第一。 见婆罗门,当愿众生, 永持梵行,离一切恶。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经:... Read more »


Does Staff Retrenchment Create Bad Karma?

May. 15 | Question: If higher management requires reorganisation by retrenchment of workers, will I create negative karma by being part of the decision-making? Answer: Realistically,... Read more »


‘Meet Joe Black’, Life & Death

May. 15 | Bill chats with Joe as they watch ephemeral fireworks burst into the night sky at a great party: Bill: It’s hard to let go, isn’t it? Joe: Yes, it is, Bill. Bill:... Read more »


Stonepeace (Set 10)

Jan. 28 | Like us for more @ https://www.facebook.com/stonepeacesayings Like us for more @ https://www.facebook.com/stonepeacesayings Read more »

Launch Of The Stonepeace Book Vol 1 & 2

Mar. 21 | Get The Books @ TheDailyEnlightenment.com/store Launch Of Stonepeace Books | Reviews | Introduction | Stonepeace? | Trailers | Contents | Gallery Read more »


LIGHT Issue 4

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LIGHT Issue 3

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