Uncover Your Forgotten But Never Lost Treasure

Feb. 20 | If a Bodhisattva intently ponders  The profound Tathāgata store  Possessed by all sentient beings,  He will quickly attain the unsurpassed Bodhi [i.e. Buddhahood]. – Śākyamuni... Read more »


An Ancient Law

Feb. 20 | 不能以怨恨, 止息世间怨, 唯慈能止怨, 乃不易古法。 释迦牟尼佛 (法句经) [One is] not able [to], with hatred, cease [the] world’s hatred; only... Read more »


How To Handle Unwanted Lay Robes?

Feb. 20 | Question: If the owner of a set of Chinese lay Buddhist robes, one black (海青) and the other brown (缦衣) had passed away, how should they be handled?    Answer: Perhaps... Read more »


Did ‘Christine’ Create Reality TV?

Feb. 20 | ‘Christine’ is based on a true story, described to be about sensationalism, that is however not sensationalistic. It tells the shocking and tragic 1974 case of news... Read more »
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