All Sentient Beings Love Their Lives

Dec. 13 | As all love their own eyes,  So too they love their young.  The love for one’s own life is endless.  Therefore, one should never kill sentient beings. – Śākyamuni Buddha  (Sūtra... Read more »


Verse On Springs

Dec. 13 | 若见涌泉, 当愿众生, 方便增长, 善根无尽。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第72偈) If seeing bubbling springs, [reflect that] ‘May sentient... Read more »

Verse On Wells

Dec. 7 | 若见汲井, 当愿众生, 具足辩才, 演一切法。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第71偈) If seeing drawing [of water from]... Read more »


Is Eating Vegan Meritorious?

Dec. 13 | Question: Why is eating vegan food meritorious? Answer: To be exact, eating by itself, of any food, is not exactly meritorious. It is the active choice of compassionate food... Read more »


Do You Have The ‘Nerve’?

Dec. 13 | ‘Nerve’ is, (for now at least, thank goodness) a fictitious phone app game from the dark web. There are two ways to participate – as a watcher or player. The first... Read more »


Stonepeace (Set 10)

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Launch Of The Stonepeace Book Vol 1 & 2

Mar. 21 | Get The Books @ TheDailyEnlightenment.com/store Launch Of Stonepeace Books | Reviews | Introduction | Stonepeace? | Trailers | Contents | Gallery Read more »


LIGHT Issue 4

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LIGHT Issue 3

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