Should You Eat Animals?

Mar. 20 | [W]e are supposed to be the refuge and protector of all infinite beings. The beings with unfortunate karma that we are supposed to be protecting are instead being killed without... Read more »


Verse On Four Impermanences 四非常偈

Mar. 20 | 积聚皆销散, 崇高必堕落, 合会要当离, 有生无不死。 – 释迦牟尼佛 《阿含经》 [That] gathered together [will] all dissipate, [the] majestic most... Read more »


How To Not Follow Customs Blindly

Mar. 20 | Question: Some are very particular that red packets (angbaos) given must be with amounts of money ending with 8 (which sounds in a Chinese dialect like ‘huat’, which... Read more »


‘The Great Wall’ As A Great Bridge?

Mar. 20 | Said to be 5,500 miles long, and having taken 1,700 years to build, the Great Wall of China is indeed great in length. It was built for defence, which of course ‘paradoxically’... Read more »
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