Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of Eight Great Beings’ Realisations《佛说八大人觉经》  

By Later Hàn Dynasty’s Parthian Empire’s Tripiṭaka Dharma Master Ān Shìgāo Translated [Into Chinese] (后汉安息国三藏安世高译):

As the Buddha’s disciples, they should constantly in day and night, with sincere minds, recite these eight Great Beings’ realisations. (为佛弟子,常于昼夜,至心诵念,八大人觉:)        

The First Realisation: The world is impermanent, and homelands are dangerously fragile. The Four Great Elements are of suffering and emptiness, and the Five Aggregates are without self. With arising and ceasing transforming, they are false and without permanence. The mind is evil’s source, and the body as transgressions’ gathering place. Thus observing, gradually depart from the cycle of births and deaths. (第一觉悟:世间无常,国土危脆;四大苦空,五阴无我;生灭变异,虚伪无主;心是恶源,形为罪薮。如是观察,渐离生死。)       

The Second Realisation: With many desires is suffering, as the cycle of births’ and deaths’ weariness, from greedy desires arises. With less desires, becoming unconditioned, is with the body and mind at ease. (第二觉知:多欲为苦,生死疲劳,从贪欲起;少欲无为,身心自在。)  

The Third Realisation: With the mind without satisfaction, only wanting attaining of much sought, this increases transgressions and evil. Bodhisattvas are not thus, being constantly mindful of contentment, peaceful with simple lives, guarding the path, only with seeking wisdom as their cause. (第三觉知:心无厌足,唯得多求,增长罪恶;菩萨不尔,常念知足,安贫守道,唯慧是业。)        

The Fourth Realisation: With laziness comes fall. With constant practice and diligence, destroy afflictions and evil, subdue the Four Demons, and exit the prison of the aggregates’ realm. (第四觉知:懈怠坠落;常行精进,破烦恼恶,摧伏四魔,出阴界狱。)   

The Fifth Realisation: With ignorance is the cycle of births and deaths. Bodhisattvas are constantly mindful, widely learning with much listening, increasing wisdom, accomplishing eloquence, teaching and transforming all beings, to all be with great bliss. (第五觉悟:愚痴生死。菩萨常念,广学多闻,增长智慧,成就辩才,教化一切,悉以大乐。)     

The Sixth Realisation: With poverty’s suffering are many grudges, that pervasively form evil affinities. Bodhisattvas practise generosity, equally mindful of enemies and relatives, not mindful of old grievances, not hating evil persons. (第六觉知:贫苦多怨,横结恶缘。菩萨布施,等念冤亲,不念旧恶,不憎恶人。)   

The Seventh Realisation: With the Five Desires are faults and suffering. Although as common people, do not be stained by worldly joy. Be mindful of the Three Robes, bottle, alms bowl and Dharma instruments, with aspiration to leave the household life, and guard the path’s purity, with pure practices high and far-reaching, with loving-kindness and compassion for all. (第七觉悟:五欲过患。虽为俗人,不染世乐;念三衣,瓶鉢法器;志愿出家,守道清白;梵行高远,慈悲一切。)   

The Eighth Realisation: With the cycle of births and deaths burning fiercely, are sufferings and afflictions immeasurable. Give rise to the Great Vehicle’s Mind, to universally help all, aspiring to replace sentient beings, to receive immeasurable suffering, enabling all sentient beings, to attain ultimate great bliss. (第八觉知:生死炽然,苦恼无量。发大乘心,普济一切;愿代众生,受无量苦;令诸众生,毕竟大乐。)  

Thus, of these eight matters, they indeed are that which all Buddhas and Great Bodhisattva Beings realised. They diligently practise the path, with loving-kindness and compassion cultivating wisdom, riding upon the Dharma body’s ship, having reached Nirvāṇa’s shore, again returned to the cycle of births and deaths, to deliver and liberate sentient beings. With the preceding eight matters, they teach and guide all, enabling all sentient beings, to awaken to the cycle of births’ and deaths’ sufferings, renounce and depart from the Five Desires, and cultivate the mind for the noble path. (如此八事,乃是诸佛菩萨大人之所觉悟。精进行道,慈悲修慧,乘法身船,至涅槃岸;复还生死,度脱众生。以前八事,开导一切,令诸众生,觉生死苦,舍离五欲,修心圣道。)  

If the Buddha’s disciples, recite these eight matters, in thought to thought within, this eradicates immeasurable transgressions, to enter into Bodhi, swiftly ascend to Right Awakening, forever sever the cycle of births and deaths, and constantly abide in happiness. (若佛弟子,诵此八事,于念念中,灭无量罪;进趣菩提,速登正觉;永断生死,常住快乐。)

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