An Imperfect Student Seeks A Perfect Teacher

As it is with perfectionism
that we become perfect,
why compromise on it?

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[1] Stages Of Seeking A Perfect Teacher

(i) No Teacher:
Before discovery of Sakyamuni Buddha’s teachings,
the student had no true spiritual teacher,
as all other teachers fell short in many ways.

(ii) One Teacher:
After learning the Buddha’s teachings,
the student found one true teacher in him,
while all other teachers could not even come close.

(iii) Many Teachers:
With more learning of the Buddha’s teachings,
the student encountered more true teachers,
as other Buddhas were introduced by him.

(iv) One Teacher (Again):
The more the student learnt, the more did s/he realise
the need to focus on one perfect teacher – Amita(bha) Buddha (Amituofo),
who can represent all perfect teachers.

(v) No Teacher (Again):
After mastery of all Buddhas’ teachings in Amituofo’s Pure Land,
the student will have no more need for spiritual teachers,
while all other Buddhas will always be connected to.

[2] Considerations Of An Imperfect Student

(i) Ready Student:
Some say when the Buddhist student is ready,
the Buddhist teacher (or master) will appear,
but what if an unready student wishes to be ready?

(ii) Fussy Student:
What if the student is fussy,
about wanting to find a perfect teacher
to guide towards perfection swiftly?

(iii) Perfectionist Student:
What if the perfectionist student finds it
hard to see, (imagine and rationalise) any human teacher
to be a Buddha’s exact equivalent?

(iv) Pure Land Student (Here):
Learn then, through the Buddha’s teachings in the Pure Land sutras,
and the Pure Land Patriarchs’ explanations in their commentaries,
through best human teachers available, to connect to Amita(bha) Buddha supreme directly!

(v) Pure Land Student (There):
After reaching Amituofo’s Pure Land,
learn from Amita(bha) Buddha and the great Bodhisattvas there directly,
to master all their teachings, to become a Buddha, a perfect teacher to others too!

As it is lacking perfectionism
that we remain perfect,
why not nurture it?

Stonepeace | Books

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