One Way To Understand ‘Two’ Kinds Of Impermanence

We as mind and matter,
arose and ceased
in our past lives,
from life to life.

– Nowanden

There might seem to be ‘two’ kinds of impermanence?

The first kind is the arising and ceasing
of all phenomena of mind and matter,
which arise due to the convergence
of cause and conditions,
which cease due to their divergence.

The second kind is the non-arising and non-ceasing
of the same phenomena of mind and matter.
Exactly since all rise and fall from moment to moment,
there is constant flux without ‘fixed phenomena’ in any ‘first’ place,
which arise (or arose) from nothing, to cease (or ceased) to be nothing.

This is the fuller truth of impermanence linked to unsubstantiality (or non-self),
of all mind and matter within and without,
Realisation of this is attainment of
the Forbearance (or Patience) of Non-Arising (and Non-Cessation) of Dharmas
(i.e. phenomena of mind and matter).

There is only ‘two-in-one’ kind of impermanence!

We as mind and matter,
arise and cease
in our present lives,
from moment to moment.

– Nowanden

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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