[H] What Will Happen After This Dharma-Ending Age? 末法之后将会如何?


– 释迦牟尼佛

Evil persons will multiply to be many,
like sands’ number within the ocean.

– Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of The Dharma’s Complete End)

According to Śākyamuni Buddha’s (释迦牟尼佛) teachings in the Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of The Dharma’s Complete End《佛说法灭尽经》, the following is what will happen after this current Dharma-Ending Age (末法时期) ends, which will occur in about 8,455 years’ time, or roughly 84 generations later.

自此之后难可数说。」‘Henceforth, what occurs after this, is difficult to enumerate and speak of.’ Note [1]: This world after the light of the Dharma burns out completely is with spiritual darkness, in a state with chaotic evil and suffering- so much so, that even the Buddha said it is hard to speak of it in detail. It can be called the ‘Dharma-Ended Age’ (‘无法时期’). If we do not ensure there is departure in time, most safely by reaching Pure Land, this age might be entered karmically.

「如是之后数千万岁,弥勒当下世间作佛。」‘Thus after numerous thousands of ten thousand years [i.e. about 5.6 billion years], Maitreya [Bodhisattva] will descend in this world to become a Buddha.’ Note [2]: It should not be forgotten that before Maitreya Buddha manifests, there is this wide window period with no presence of the Triple Gem (三宝) at all. It is thus wise to not wait so long for the next Buddha to arise here, when a Buddha can be met in his Pure Land (净土) directly.

天下泰平毒气消除,雨润和适五穀滋茂,树木长大人长八丈。皆寿八万四千岁,众生得度不可称计。」‘Then, the world will have great peace, with its poisonous air eliminated. With rain moistening harmoniously, suitable for the five grains to grow lushly. Trees will grow tall, and humans will grow to be eight zhàngs tall [i.e. 26.4 metres, with 1 zhàng being 3.3 metres]. All their lifespans will be 84,000 years. Sentient beings who attain deliverance then cannot be calculated.’

Note [3]: The environmental conditions by the time Maitreya Buddha manifests are those with extreme reversal of the climate crisis, through the increase of much positive collective karma. Not only will flora flourish, even humans will grow well physically and in years. Note that this world will still not be a Pure Land with the arrival of Maitreya Bodhisattva, and that although many will attain liberation, not all in this world will then do so. Even with such a long lifespan, it is incomparable with the immeasurable life (无量寿) we will attain in Amitābha Buddha’s (阿弥陀佛) Pure Land, who also has immeasurable life personally. This ensures our ability to meet him directly at the end of this life, and to have ample time to learn from him, which guarantees Buddhahood most swiftly.


– 释迦牟尼佛

Good ones will be extremely few,
perhaps with one or two.

– Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of The Dharma’s Complete End)

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