Why Do We Keep Practising Giving?

The gift of the Dharma 
excels all other gifts.
Delight in the Dharma 
excels all delights…

– The Buddha (Dhammapada, Verse 354)

The clothing you give,
after being worn much,
gets worn out and torn.  
The food and drinks you give,
after being eaten and drunk,
gets expended as energy and waste.

The shelter you give,
after being lived in for long,
gets dilapidated and breaks down.
Likewise do all wonderful sights, 
sounds, smells, tastes and touches
eventually, if not instantly expire. 

We give on still,
giving what is needed in the moment,
not just for the moment though…
We give the above to those who need them,
so they they can better receive what truly needed
such as the Pure Land Dharma for swiftest liberation from rebirth.

Otherwise, our giving will
only be worldly, cyclical and endless,
without a higher and transcendental purpose,
to guide others to personally reach Pure Land, 
to depart from suffering once and for all,
to be able to guide others to do likewise.

The gift of the [most skilful] Dharma
excels all other gifts.
Delight in the [most skilful] Dharma
excels all delights…

– Above Quote [Extended]

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