Should We Kill Many Others To Protect Ourselves?

Thinking, ‘As am I so are others,
as are others so am I’,
harm none nor have them harmed.

– Sakyamuni Buddha (Sutta Nipata 705)

For protecting humans upon complaints, does the searching for destroying of animal ‘pests’, such as insects and rodents, create negative karma? Yet, without killing, diseases spread by them might breed out of control? Before answering these questions on the animal realm, let us look closer… In the human realm, there are many militant search and destroy missions upon hateful complaints (and greed). For instance, ‘for’ the approximate 3,000 who perished in 9/11, more than 100,000 were killed in the Iraq war of vengeance, including many innocent civilians. Of course, such killing should not be done. Also unfortunately, in the human realm, there are many humans who are allowed to breed more humans, who spread infectious diseases and even wars such as the above, that kill thousands upon thousands. Humans are also the main culprits for the climate crisis, and the number one cause of murder of billions of other humans and animals. Does this mean all humans with such destructive potential ought to be destroyed, who could be any person on the street? Of course, not. What more, there will be countless innocents. Returning to the questions on the animal realm with these parallel perspectives, the answers are obvious. Are humans not the greatest pests to all other non-human ‘pests’?

Complete prevention of human mistakes that lead to proliferation of potentially harmful animals, via kind and wise education without killing, is the true remedy for the ‘pest’ problem. In secular countries not run purely with Buddhist ethics, it can be hard to implement total non-killing, but why should many innocent beings be punished for human recklessness? As an example, the increase of demand to grow crops to feed the world’s livestock has led to large-scale deforestation, especially in the Amazon rainforests. Beef consumption alone accounts for around 70% of this. As cleared lands pool more rain, more infected insects easily breed, leading to spikes in diseases, including Zika, which recently originated in Brazil. What this means is that breeding for killing of animals (for their meat) is interconnected to more breeding and killing of mosquitoes. The true long-term solution then, similar to that of past Mad-Cow Disease, SARS and Bird-Flu cases, is to reduce, if not abstain from meat-eating, while more stringently preventing unmindful breeding of mosquitoes. As intentional killing with hatred creates heavy negative karma, as above, such a ‘quick fix’ does not really solve the problem of infestation. It can even worsen over time, while negative karma created can manifest in various related ways.

What if ‘unchecked’ animal populations do spin out of control? Well, there are many animals neither killed nor eaten, who cause no problems at all. As we are not the only inhabitants of the planet, we must share it with many other beings. Why should we be so eager to destroy others then? Again, we are interconnected. We even need ants to burrow into soil to create allow roots of crops to breathe well! Counterintuitively, there are so many animals due to so much killing of animals! This is so as they can be reborn multiple times to seek vengeance, while those who had killed many of them might be reborn as similar suffering animals due to karmic retribution. If we abstain from killing animals, karma for becoming animals lessens! Back to the Zika issue, we should protect ourselves physically, such as avoiding hotspots while using repellents. Spiritual protection is always crucial, by creating more positive karma to avoid being harmed, such as by observing the Five Precepts well, which includes the First Precept! Karmically, those who harm little from life to life will be harmed less. Remember – as killing breaks the First Precept, it is always the last resort, only if the one (and not anyone random) to be killed is truly about to harm, and that killing that one truly saves many more lives.

If all beings simply kill whoever
has the potential to harm them,
all beings will simply kill all beings.

–Stonepeace | Books

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  • Q: The question is unanswer . What will you do , the next time you discover a cockroach colony in one of you cupboard?

    A: Answer is in last link in ‘Related Articles’ above. Amituofo

  • Buddhists must not have the intention to kill even in danger so do sentient being. Defence is the only way to go . During defence if we kill unintentionally we still have to pay for it due to karma .
    As a buddhist we are here to help every sentient being to get out of this samsara cycle . If we really believe in shakyamuni buddha teaching and believe in AMITUOFO , during dangerous situation is an opportunity to reach PURELAND as promised by the Vows of AMITUOFO.
    Every life is a life disregard big or small ! .


  • Question: Recently, my house has been infested with lots of ants. I’ve tried to Nianfo for them to leave my place but it didn’t help.

    Answer: It WILL work. The key is to Nianfo ALOUD SINCERELY, but don’t expect instant results. The speed will depend on your sincerity.

    Question: May I know if I can sprinkle ants powder along the table?

    Answer: No. It is poison that kills mercilessly. The more killing there is, the more ants there will be. From https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/08/queries-on-abstention-from-killing-meat-eating/

    [3] Q: There are so many animals in the world. If no one hunts or slaughters, wouldn’t their populations grow out of control?

    A: There are plenty of insects and animals that humans do not eat or kill; their numbers are numerous without issue. Furthermore, the reason there are so many beasts and animals is due to the karma of killing. Animal rebirth is caused by the cycle of retribution and revenge.People who kill animals are reborn as animals to even up the debt. If everyone abstains from taking animal life, the karma that supports the realm of animals will gradually dissipate while the ranks of devas and men will increase. For instance, if people do not trap frogs, the population of frogs will decrease. Likewise, if people do not fish for crabs, the population of crabs will gradually decrease. Thus, the laws of karma are quite clear.

    Do see this video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6xSSJml61s&t=2s

    Do keep your place SUPER clean. Plus with SINCERE Nianfo, with no food to eat and with your good will, they WILL leave. For kitchen tops, put a little oil around the under perimeter and ants will not enter. Peppermint essence diluted with water used to wipe helps deter too. Amituofo

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