Are You Still ‘Tied’ Down?

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A flappy tie is one of the
most dangerous items of clothing,
being susceptible to being caught
in all manners of moving objects.

— Anonone

‘The tie is a useless rag that constrains your neck… I’m an enemy of consumerism. Because of this hyperconsumerism, we’re forgetting about fundamental things and wasting human strength on frivolities that have little to do with human happiness.’ So said Uruguayan President José Mujica, who never wears ties. The wearing of a tie is one example of many social norms that constrict instead of liberate us — both physically and spiritually. It is superficial, a redundant object of vanity, an extension of ego. Its usage represents but a small tip of the giant iceberg of over-consumption. The more are we obsessed over such fancy and needless material items, which wastes time and energy, the more will we lose focus on growing the spiritual essentials that lead to True Happiness, which is what we all really want.

The tie worn is like a tightened noose that strangles and limits our freedom. Such is the nature of all excess stuff in our lives. While we imagine that they bring us more bliss, as expressions of our ‘financial freedom’ to buy whatever we desire, they are leashes and chains that bind us instead. The more we imagine objects of True Happiness are external to us, the more will we lead ourselves astray, as we commit and waste more resources for their acquisition. Even the most expensive and beloved tie becomes absolutely useless on one’s deathbed, unable to bring peace of mind, or lead one to a better rebirth. We depart naked. Even a single shred or thread from this tie cannot be brought over to the next life. What we should accumulate now are long-term virtues such as compassion and wisdom for one and all instead.

The tie, of a special colour, print and fabric, as an individualistic fashion statement, is an extra appendix, that distracts others from who you really are. Having many different ties perhaps reflects the fickleness of your ego on show? Is it not an indulgent badge of affluence?The tie, if worn as part of formal uniform, might as well be printed on the shirt, to save cloth and other precious limited resources, and the hassle of putting it on. Every tie-wearer once off work loosens or yanks it off. Why not cut such joyless and pointless frills from everyday life, that steal life itself? It is too much an ingrained norm to not wear ties, you might say? But worldly customs stuck to collectively can be transformed collectively too. Why be part of the crowd that follows the ‘ritual’ of knotting necks blindly? Time to sew your ties into a quilt or scarf for those in need? They would not be ‘useless rags’ then!

A flappy tie is one of the
most distracting items of clothing,
being susceptible to being caught
by all manners of moving people.

— Anonone

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  • True, I agree. But…….
    I am a Registered Nurse. Normally, nurses do not wear ties and I don’t like to wear ties (I’m a t-shirt kinda guy). My boss requested that I wear ties in clinic.
    No problem.
    Nothing is good or bad unless you think it so. Life is compromise.

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