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Oct. 29 | 一切邪执, 皆依我见, 若离于我, 则无邪执。 - 禅宗十二祖马鸣菩萨 (大乘起信论)  Of all evil attachments, each rely on self-view. If departing from self, thus are there no evil attachments. - 12th Patriarch Of The Chan Tradition...

Body, Speech & Mind

Oct. 7 | Thoughts are mental actions. Words are verbal actions. Deeds are physical actions. - Stonepeace | Books

Dharma Essentials

Sep. 24 | 学佛四要:  Four Essentials For Learning The Dharma: 持戒为本   Upholding of the precepts as fundamental, 念佛为要   Mindfulness of Buddha [Amituofo] as essential, 善友为依   Good [Dharma] friends as reliance, 净土为归   [Amituofo's]...


Sep. 20 | Falling blossoms. Blossoms in bloom are also falling blossoms. - Ryokan

From Bodhicitta To Bodhisattvas To Buddhas

Sep. 3 | 无大乘法即无菩提心, 无菩提心即无菩萨道, 无菩萨道即无菩萨成, 无菩萨成即无佛陀成, 无佛陀成即无佛所教, 无佛所教即无罗汉道, 无罗汉道即无罗汉成. With no Mahayana teachings, there is no Bodhicitta. With...

Always On Your Mind

Aug. 29 | Always having Bodhicitta on your mind, your thoughts, words are deeds will always be that of a Bodhisattva. - Stonepeace | Books

Rid Your Regrets

Aug. 20 | The older you get, the less regrets you should have, because the less time you have, to rid these regrets. - Stonepeace | Books

This Moment

Aug. 14 | Don’t miss this moment now [while it is still here] but don’t miss this moment later [when it is no longer here] too. - Stonepeace | Books

Make A Difference

Aug. 6 | Make a difference to the world even if the world is indifferent, because it makes a difference - at least to you, in trying your best. - Stonepeace | Books

Your Best Ally

Jul. 19 | Your greatest spiritual challenge is your personal Mara but you have a greater spiritual ally which is your Buddha-nature. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Death Poem

Jun. 23 | If people ask about Ryokan’s death poem, tell them it was ‘Homage to Amitabha Buddha.’ - Zen Master Ryokan


Jun. 23 | If you follow the original vows of Amitabha Buddha, you will no longer be lost at the crossroads. - Zen Master Ryokan


Jun. 5 | Highlight others’ faults without naming them to help them see and overcome them, while giving leeway. Highlight others’ faults while naming them to help them see and overcome them, only if there is no other way. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Protection & Harm

Jun. 5 | Create only positive karma, as your positive karma is what truly protects you. Create no negative karma, as your negative karma is what truly harms you. – Stonepeace | Get Books

Better To Observe Precepts

May. 26 | 持戒不犯不易, 犯戒能忏即可。 戒不持更易犯, 不如持戒少犯。 To observe precepts without breaking them is not easy, but having broken them, one can practise repentance. Since to not observe precepts is easier to break them, one...