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May. 25 | If someone does not smile at you, be generous and offer your own smile. Nobody needs a smile more than the one who cannot smile at others. – H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

Cause Of Buddhahood

May. 23 | If you aspire to Buddhahood,¹ the root of it is Bodhicitta² as firm as Mount Sumeru,³ all-pervasive compassion⁴ and non-dual wisdom.⁵ – Nagarjuna Bodhisattva (Ratnamala) 1 Supreme enlightenment 2 Aspiration to guide all to Buddhahood 3 Largest...

Be A Good Friend

May. 15 | Greet them with the flag of generosity, Appeal to them with gentle speech, Inspire their confidence by acting with consistency, Attune yourself to them and give them perfect advice. – Gyalse Ngulchu Thogme

Full Emptiness

May. 3 | Where there is form, already there is emptiness. Where there is emptiness, already there is form. – Buddhist Saying Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. – Heart Sutra

Sumeru Vs Seed

Apr. 20 | 宁可执有 如须弥山, 不可落空 如芥子许。 Rather be attached to form [great] like Mount Sumeru, [and] not fall to emptiness [little] like a mustard seed.* – Buddhist Saying *As forsaking forms renders one unable to realise...

The Four Reliances (四依四不依)

Apr. 14 | 依法不依人。 Rely on the Dharma; [and] not rely on the person[ality of the teacher]. 依义不依语。 Rely on the meaning; [and] not rely on the words. 依了义不依不了义。 Rely on the ultimate meaning; [and] not rely on the provisional...

Foremost Path To Buddhahood

Apr. 8 | 都摄六根, 净念相继, 得三摩地, 斯为第一。 To gather in the six [sense] roots, with pure [Buddha] mindfulness in continuous succession, to attain samādhi, this is the foremost method [to Buddhahood]. – 楞严经大势至菩萨念佛圆通章 ...

How To See Buddha

Apr. 8 | 若众生心, 忆佛念佛, 现前当来, 必定见佛。 If sentient beings’ minds recollect the Buddha [Amitābha], and are mindful of the Buddha, now or in the future, they will definitely see the Buddha. – 楞严经大势至菩萨念佛圆通章 ...

Who Buddhas Are Mindful Of

Apr. 8 | 十方如来, 怜念众生, 如母忆子。 若子逃逝, 虽忆何为? The ten directions’ [Buddhas] Tathāgatas are sympathetically mindful of sentient beings, like a mother recollecting her child. [But] if the child runs away, although...

Calm & Clear Equanimity

Mar. 23 | We suffer from attachment when we deludedly overly idealise. We suffer from aversion when we deludedly overly demonise. We liberate with equanimity when we clearly see all as they are. – Stonepeace | Books


Mar. 17 | The new year should not [just] be about getting new things. It should be about getting a new [and better] state of mind [for spiritual development]. – Geshe Yonten (paraphrased)

Pure Precepts

Mar. 5 | 若持净戒顺正教, 诸佛贤圣所赞叹, 戒是无上菩提本, 应当具足持净戒。 – 华严经 If upholding the pure precepts [of morality] to comply with the true teachings, [which] all Buddhas and virtuous sages praise, [as]...

Which Day Is Auspicious?

Feb. 23 | Evil done on an ‘auspicious’ day is always ill-fated. Good done on an ‘inauspicious’ day is always blessed. People create fortune and misfortune, not the calendar. – Yoshida Kenko (paraphrased)

How Best To Learn From All

Feb. 10 | 看一切众生 皆是菩萨, 唯我一人 实是凡夫。 See all sentient beings each as a Bodhisattva, [from whom I always have much to learn], and only me, a single person, as a truly ordinary being. – Great Master Yinguang 印光大师  ...

One Dharma

Feb. 4 | 是诸世尊等, 皆说一乘法, 化无量众生, 令入于佛道。 All World-Honoured Ones [Buddhas], Each speak Dharma of the One Vehicle [Ekayana], To transform immeasurable sentient beings, For enabling entry of the Buddha path [to Buddhahood]. –...