‘Jessica Jones’s Brawn Vs Kilgrave’s Brain?

This is not so much of a film review, but a reflection on season one of the TV series. (This might be later linked to the big screen though?) Jones is a sharp private investigator, whose efforts are boosted by her super strength. Kilgrave, however, is a sly master manipulator, who has the power to control the minds of those he instructs. The drama is mainly on how they pit their skills against each other. Kilgrave craves to win Jones’ voluntary love, while Jones just aims to get him to stop threatening and harming others as ongoing ransom.

The story keeps the audience guessing as to who will eventually win and how the manner of victory will be. Before the conclusion are cyclical yet creative lesser wins and losses, as the duo seemed like formidable foes. (But of course, or the series would end too soon!) It makes one wonder too, the perennial question of who will win in a case of ‘extreme brawn’ versus ‘extreme brain’.

Both sides kind of even out as Jones is also pretty smart, or she probably would not interest Kilgrave, while he is also cunning enough to mind-control many to be his ‘hired’ muscle. It essentially becomes a battle of wits more than might. As if playing out a thought experiment, this does offer the clear answer – that with all other factors equal, mind power reigns supreme! Unfortunately, Jones resorted to a violent ‘end solution’. However, in the comic book universe as in the real world of rebirth, we know death is no satisfying or lasting ‘cure’!

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