The Right Way For ‘The Highwaymen’?

‘The Highwaymen’ tells the notorious case of Bonnie and Clyde, who were on the run from the law for over two years, who were twistedly idolised by the deluded as heroes, despite having committed 13 murders, with multiple robberies and burglaries. Even if thought by some to be simply robbing from the rich, how can such murders ever be justified? Anyway, even robbing from robbers is vengeful robbery, with revenge and stealing already wrong, what more killing. The challenge is to seek justice without breaking any precepts, without becoming like the demonic ones pursued.

How do you apprehend those already proven murderously trigger-happy? Do you still give ample chance for surrender, by asking them to ‘stick ’em up’? Or is it safer to squeeze the trigger on them first, without warning? After all, you warning them might greatly lessen your chances of surviving, with them responding with more gunfire. With Clyde said to shoot without fair warning, will a policeman who shoots him likewise without warning be just as fair – or just as unfair? Does that make the policeman no different from the criminal?

Clyde’s Father claims that though Clyde was not born with a dark ‘soul’, he had passed the point of redemption. But is there anyone truly beyond hope? Yes, if they do not wish to redeem themselves at all, while wishing to continue their evil ways. Deep hells await. It seemed that all it took was one wrong turn to go astray. But why should one stubbornly refuse to turn back for the right path? Clyde had stolen a chicken as a child, and was dogged by the law since. But why not prove his worth by being more clearly virtuous? Ironically, it was when he stopped to help a driver, that he got caught and killed. Too little virtue too ‘late’? There is karmic rebirth though.

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