‘The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs’ On Mortality

Buster Scruggs who is dressed in white sings his songs to the audience in a laid back manner, as he rides upon his white horse, taking his time to trot along into town. He seems supremely cool and at ease, speaking in cliched long-winded Western sentences with the Texan accent. However, he surprises everyone when he turns out to be no white knight – being a bully of sorts, a murderous sharp-shooter. His confidence came from his amazingly quick drawing, that seemed impossible to outdo. A guy dressed in black on a black horse rides into town next…

Is ‘the Kid’ going to be a hero, or the stereotyped black-hearted villain? He isn’t featured to be as cool… but challenges Buster to a gun fight. Fairly, yet before Buster and the audience know it, it’s over. Buster ‘can’t be top dog forever’ as there is ‘always a faster gun’. In fact, guns themselves are much faster these days. The winner sings, also with laid back swagger, ‘It won’t be long till you find yourself singing your last cowboy song.’ Well, he might as well be singing about himself. While overconfidence killed Buster, will it take the Kid’s life later too, now that he is even more confident?

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