Questions On Love Prompted By ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’?

Who do you really love? For some perhaps, this has to be rephrased… What do you truly love? The beloved of course! But is the more beloved actually status, fortune, lust and/or more in disguise, that come with formal ‘commitment’? If so, where is the love that is supposed to be there? Are the listed factors essentials in many ‘love’ stories in real life? Do you expect a nice mix of them before falling in ‘love’?

What if there are conflicts? What factors will you compromise? What if the price of love demands giving up some or all of the worldly above? Will love still be as lovely? Or will the worldly seem more lovable? Are they worth it? In the end, is what you have worthy enough to be called true love? Is it more for face (or other) value(s), such as an heir for ego extension beyond this life? Is life not for learning to love more purely, that is unconditionally, not just one, but more, and eventually all?

The beloved should strive to provide each other with worldly security, but what if it is not easy? Will the love survive or peter away? If it does not survive, was it even love in the first place? Why give in to the heat of passion recklessly? Why not know each other better first, and seek a divorce if wished, skipping any affair? Why even commit if there is no commitment on one or both sides? Why break any precepts? Why not be with who is definitely your best friend? Why settle for anyone else?

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