‘The Magnificent Seven’ Reborn

‘The Magnificent Seven’ (2016) is a remake of the 1960 Western classic. Though set in 1879, it has a contemporary multi-cultural update, perhaps accidentally hinting of how to make America truly great? A murderous robber baron, who represents corporate greed, besieges a mining town, forcing the locals to sell their land low to him, in a take it or leave it way. The titled seven were thus recruited one by one for saving the town.

Initially functioning as hired gunslingers, the motley crew eventually wholeheartedly unite for the worthy cause of saving the day. They include a black warrant officer, a white gambler, an ex-army sharpshooter, an Asian knife-throwing wielder, a Mexican outlaw, an Irish tracker and a Native American warrior. Banding together, they exchange racist satire and such, but all with humour and taken in good spirit. Ice-breakers they were for bonding!

Despite early tensions and suspicion, it was the common vision of self-redemption powered by self-sacrificial 
courage and honour that saved the lives of many innocent townsfolk. This reminds of how Buddha-nature is truly within every one of us, even if we have cultural differences. We can all step up skilfully, taking calculated risks to be magnificent heroes – even if for one day, though hopefully for life. If it is worth it, it is worth it. May we be ever righteous for all!

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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