How To Not Be ‘Haunted’?

Episode one of season two of ‘Haunted’ features among the most malevolent of ghosts, one who is both cunning and wicked. With the ability to read minds, the ‘Mimic’ is able to imitate the voices and forms of those familiar. Grabbing attention and winning trust, when approached, the Mimic morphs into the horrifying. The worst-case scenario is that the frightened person is petrified, so fearful, that he or she is unable to move or even breathe. This is a terrifying way how some can die from shock, by being scared to death, having the first and last heart attack perhaps.

Most who meet such ghosts do not even know what they did to deserve such encounters. Yet, there must be karmic causes for such extreme effects. Thus are they called karmic creditors. Due to the many past lives that we have had, it is inevitable that there are some beings whom we have offended badly, even if forgotten. If they have been reborn as ghosts, they might feel drawn towards their now human enemies. If these ghosts are powerful enough and the humans spiritually weak enough, the first can wreck havoc upon the latter’s lives.

If such encounters are occasional and passing when alive, the consequences might not seem drastic. The true terror is if these ghosts await for physical and spiritual weakening when dying – to give a scare so scary that it does not only kill, but affects the destination of the next rebirth. Probably the easiest way to be reborn as a ghost is by being forced to be mindful of another ghost before taking rebirth. This creates death (or rather rebirth) proximate karma, that propels one to a corresponding realm. Be mindful of a ghost and one becomes a ghost.

What is the solution to such supernormal threats? It is both simple and complex. Simply put, there should be utmost sincere mindfulness of Āmítuófó (Amitābha Buddha). Once done, even with a single recitation, be it verbally or mentally, there is instant protection. The wrathful will back off. When done with compassion and words of guidance, it can even guide the ghost to also be mindful of Buddha, to also be received by him to reach Pure Land. Now for the complex part – without systematic learning and practice, it is not easy for the average person to have faith in this method. Yet, it will always work! 

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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