‘Beyond 24’ Good Reasons To Live Vegan

At the 6:45 min of the delightfully breezy (Chinese-Cantonese-English) short film ‘Beyond 24 (Reasons to Live A Veggie Lifestyle:’, which interviews 24 folks on why they went vegan, the associate producer Erin Tsui when asked about her reason, replied that she turned vegan because she loves both kids and small animals.

She could not find a reasonable way to explain to kids that although the lovable three little pigs escaped the big bad wolf’s capture in the beloved fairy tale, they still got eaten by us humans in real life. They did not have a happy ending, as much as we try to ‘sell’ it to kids and even ourselves. Of course, this is not just about pigs becoming pork. There are many other animals consumed by humans too.

Though she too had been a ‘big bad wolf’ for over 20 years, she found this too absurd and thus went vegan. That is a nice ending for the film, which motivates us to do better, to be true to the innocent and helpless. Why not create a true story with a happy ending for all with a more compassionate way of life? More on veganism can be learnt at

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