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In the tight comedic scripting of ‘She’s Funny That Way’, the audience quickly realises how each person is linked to another. As a film ‘law’ of sorts, it is no coincidence at all, that protagonist 1 knows protagonist 2, who knows secondary character 1, who knows secondary character 2, who knows protagonist 1, even if protagonist 2 does not know this. You get the idea… Everyone featured is just a few degrees separated from one another.

Unless a documentary, a storytelling movie is about interconnections, with some interacting more directly and some less so. Well, if there are no relationships, the protagonists and characters will never meet and interact. A single cohesive story will simply not form. What left is at best a collection of separate stories. This runs parallel with the nature of our real lives. Since we tend to be self-centred, you are the main protagonist.

Short-lived episodes with others become short standalone stories. But once a connection is forged, episode two might occur, or even become a full-length movie later. Given enough time, karmic conditions and intentions to further interact, relationships can become better or worse, with less or more of the Three Poisons, or their antidotes Although karmic affinities play a part, we are all directors of our karmic destinies too. What will the overarching plot of your movie (series) be?

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