Will You Duel The ‘Dual’ You?

Doppelganger tales are literally good for self-reflection. ‘Dual’ gives rise to much dualistically balanced food for thought… If not informed, how do you know if you are the original or a ‘double’, as in a clone? But if every sentient being has his or her own distinct karma, even if similar physically, who is ever really someone else’s ‘double’?

If there is a law that allows cloning in the event of your impending demise, and due to an error, you survive… And if you have to fight your ‘double’ to the death then, will you kill your ‘double’? If you are the ‘double’, will you duel to the death with your original, for your right to live? Are you so ‘wonderful’, that you ought to live on?

Does it take great ego to clone yourself, or little, if for greater purposes? Are you so ‘great’, that you ought to be doubled? How are you sure your ‘double’ is not greater? Are you more of a blessing or curse to your family and the rest of the world if doubled? Might your loss be better instead? Who should be replaced and who not?

If you are jealous of your double (or original), who seems better and more popular, will you compete or give way? If the other competes unfairly, will you do so too? Will your moral precepts remain intact? If only one can survive, why not ‘kill’ the worse ‘self’, if it is your’self’, by transforming to be better now, to be someone else?

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